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10th Anniversary of Where did the Road Go?

10 Years, and We Still Haven’t Found *Where* the Mother$#%ing Road Went!

My, time sure does fly when you’re being weird with your buds!

Last January 21st marked the 10th year anniversary of one of my favorite podcasts in the Fortean web (and I ain’t saying that just because I’ve been in it plenty of times). Where did the Road Go? has an immense catalog of over 1100 episodes featuring some of the most celebrated paranormal authors and alternative thinkers, along with more obscure personalities who nevertheless always have something interesting to add when delving into all sorts of spooky things.

From UFOs to ghosts, near death studies, consciousness, psychedelics, reincarnation, cryptids and everything in between, my friend Seriah Azkath brings to any interview or roundtable discussion his impressive array of cross-discipline knowledge on all these topics, which makes WDTRG? a rare bird —in a very good way— among the flock of paranormal podcasts.

Most podcasters are content with just sticking to one side of the weird aisle and never exploring what may lie beyond the illusory borders of their chosen niche. But Seriah knows fully well that the divisions between these seemingly disparate mysteries are mostly arbitrary, and if you ever have a chance to understand UFOs more, then you’d better learn a thing or two about poltergeist phenomena, DMT trips or even Bigfoot!

So with all the many past guests Seriah could have picked from to celebrate the first decade of his baby, it was quite the honor he decided to invite Joshua Cutchin and yours truly to blow the candles with him, as it were. The two of us were among the first who joined in the first WDTRG? roundtables, which are always a fun and stimulating experience.

As always, the conversation went all over the place —just the way I like it— while the guests spontaneously decided to turn the tables and started to interview the host of the show, asking him on how his perspective on things has inevitably changed during all these years.

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my time of being involved in the paranormal public scene, is that you need other people in order to bounce off ideas and propel your thinking into directions you’d never even considered in the first place. Which is why I value the WDTRG? roundtables so much, and treat them as if we were all hanging out at a bar having a great time; plus the fact that I never follow the protocols of a ‘professional’ podcast, and instead of coffee I’m drinking beer or whiskey also helps to build the proper mood —and before you judge, think on how poorer the works of Tolkien or C.S. Lewis would have ended, if his group of Inklings had gathered around a tea salon instead of a pub.

You see, as cliched as it may sound one finally figures out that it is not about the destination but the journey… and the friendships you make while trying to find your own road.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to include Where did the Road Go? into your regular roster of podcasts with your preferred listening app.

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