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Rethinking the Mysteries of Peru

Elongated skulls, amazing megalithic architecture, and the Ica Stones – all mysteries of ancient Peru that have been covered by many alternative history researchers. Now Alex Mott, fresh from investigating the Bosnian pyramid and ancient Egyptian anomalies, and also the stoneworking mysteries of ancient India, has turned his camera to the New World in his latest short documentary on YouTube.

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  1. Stone Softener

    “We have now found out what the plant is, what the leaf is, and it’s quite well known. It’s a very common plant. As a matter of fact, we use it for ornamental purposes. You can buy it in the stores, in a florist’s in New York. The Latin name escapes me, but its got ordinary sort of rather spongy-looking red leaves–it’s red and purple instead of being green. It has a substance in it that is a very strong alkali and not an acid.

    We found out that the process is quite well known, it’s called chelation. It’s well known to all botanists, and it is nothing else but the simple natural process by which the roots of plants dissolve rock. Look out of this window here, I mean we have a picture window here, and all of these trees growing around the house. The way these trees can put their tap roots right down through the soil, into the subsoil, right through that, and maybe into solid rock, is called chelation. The little tiny ends of the soft roots, the very tips, dissolve the stone and soften it. Then they move in, drag all the moisture out and pump it up to make the leaves and everything else. It’s an enormous industry now in this country.”

  2. Compelling and convincing
    Compelling and convincing explanation – chemical softening. But not conclusive as it doesn’t explain other similar mysteries, such as the megaliths of Baalbek, the sheer size and weight of the recently discovered Stone of the Pregnant Woman, how could stones of that size have been moved, or the Coral Castle – how did Leedskalnin move such large stones alone, at night?… I’ve seen the documentaries where the stone mason moves large stones using leverage, but could 100 pound Leedskalnin do that alone, in the dark, and he later moved the entire construction to a new location…and the door he allegedly erected perfectly balanced, that eventually had to be repaired and with our modern equipment could not match his precision…


    1. Leedskalnin

      “A lot of people think Ed had some kind of anti-gravity device or something crazy like that – nothing could be further from the truth. There’s even pictures of Ed with giant tripods and multiple pulley systems with strong chains. That does not look like anti-gravity to me! Anyway… all those claims are dispelled at W.T. Wellington’s web site.”

      Baalbek, yeah, that’s a puzzler.

  3. Related news
    Thanks for posting–Alex does excellent work.

    On a related note, I’ve recently come across a youtube channel (“newearth”) that features megalithic marvels I knew little about, or hadn’t heard of before. Here are three videos I found particularly interesting–the first concerning extraordinary ruins on Malta:

    …the second involving megalithic structures in Russia:

    …and the third showcasing a true mind-blower of a site in Russia–so mind-blowing, in fact, I want to see more data before coming to any final conclusions:

    If anyone has thoughts about any of these, I’d be interested in hearing them.

  4. Shades of Leedskalnin?
    This fellow has stumbled onto an interesting technique for moving large blocks–though it’s hard to see how it would work with 1000-ton stones (let alone transporting them up steep grades):

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