Pondering the Mysteries of the ‘Bosnian Pyramid’ and Ancient Egypt

Above is an interesting short video made by Alex Mott after visiting the controversial ‘Bosnian Pyramid’ in June 2015. In it, he addresses some of the claims made in favour of the structure being man-made (as well as more ‘New Age’ mysteries associated with the ‘pyramid’) , but can’t help but feel that nature (and some wishful thinking) could have produced them all.

And for those that think the presenter is obviously a fundamentalist skeptic on such matters, please do note that he has another short video on the mysteries of ancient Egypt, which certainly doesn’t follow that track:

Regardless of whether you agree with him on either topic, some excellent information (and vision) that is sure to inspire discussion!

  1. Rethinking – Egypt
    What a great video!
    I was aware of many of the points raised but there were items I was unaware of – I did not appreciate that at least some cartouches had been added at later date on certain statues etc. And there were examples of ‘sawing’ and drilling that I had not seen before, and I certainly appreciated the close up and personal views of the unfinished obelisk. Great examples, well presented.

    I also agree that there must have been some major land upheaval in the past, and certainly since circa 500 B.C. with the Nile Delta rising enough to restrict the flow of the Nile, thereby causing greater flooding of the lower Nile over the last 2000 years. (a pet theory of mine…)

    Would love to see a big-budget version, say by the BBC or similar.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Rethinking – Bosnian Pyramids
    Extraordinary claims need at the very least, some basic evidence, let alone ‘extraordinary’ evidence.

    As Alex Mott points out, not even basic evidence exists for a Bosnian Pyramid, just natural formations of the land and associated geology.

    As for ORBS, just don’t get me started on this nonsense!

    Once again, well done Mr Mott.

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