Stoneworking Mysteries of Ancient India

A couple of weeks ago I posted a couple of short, interesting films on the so-called ‘Bosnian Pyramid’, and stone-working in ancient Egypt. The maker of those two films, Alex Mott, has now made another film available, this time on the mysteries of ancient India (which features a cameo from Robert Bauval):

Alex Mott visits India on the trail of the Vedas and ancient stone working techniques. As with sites in Egypt and around the world, the physical evidence is right in front of you – but how they did it is still a mystery.

Whether you agree with Alex’s theories or not, it’s a fascinating look into a too-often-overlooked ancient civilisation.


  1. Rethinking India.
    A bit like the Curate’s Egg, ok in places! The video was somewhat spoilt by the poor sound balance, especially in the Fractals section. It also skipped over the knobs and dimple example a little bit too quick – I would have like to have seen more.

    To my thinking, many of the knobs would have been used for the end of levers to gain purchase on the blocks to be moved, dimples likewise would have the same purpose. However this does not explain all the reasons for these items.

    However I totally agree that the alleged use of ‘Copper Tools’ to craft hard stone is a nonsense – have those who propose this ever tried it? Very much doubt it!

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