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Europa: Alien Ocean in Our Backyard

Roving in Mars is cool, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a reason why by now the Red Planet has become a collective Rorschach test for all those enthusiasts striving to take Pareidolia to unexpected levels: Unless you’re a hardcore geology nerd, Mars is just too featureless; too arid, too… lifeless.

Which is why a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa would be far more exciting. As explained in this video by NASA-JPL astrobiologist Kevin Hand, the Jovian world has the most ideal conditions to discover not only organic molecules churning out beneath its ice cap by hydrothermal vents, but perhaps even a whole new alien ecosystem of complex aquatic lifeforms, evolved thanks to the tidal waves created by Jupiter’s massive gravity pull over its moon, as envisioned by Arthur C Clarke in the 1st sequel of the 2001 tetralogy.

That discovery would add a whole new volume in the book of Life, and would surely change the entire course of human history.

…Unless we end up receiving an “attempt no landing there” from our Firstborn overlords. That would be cool, too.

  1. The Europa Step
    There was a recent episode of the How the Universe Works: Expanded Edition on Jupiter (with a segment that discussed Io and Europa).

    In myth, there is a strong association of Jupiter with water. This could be related to the ocean on Europa or the role Jupiter played in sending water toward Earth to form our oceans.

    Jupiter also has a strong “Joseph” representation as the name Jupiter itself suggests. The above special noted that the Romans considered Jupiter a protector of Earth, as well. This seems related to the role Jupiter now plays in capturing comets and asteroids, either through impacts or by slinging them out of the solar system.

    Jupiter is a “Savior” of Earth, but cosmologists also think it once was also in need of being saved. In the current model (discussed in the documentary) it was the action of Saturn that prevented Jupiter from being pulled into the inner solar system. Interestingly enough, Biblical Joseph is not only a savior (and enslaver) of mankind, but also had to be rescued from the murderous intentions of his brothers. However, two of the 12 brothers, Judah and Reuben, rescued Joseph from the “pit” (energy well of the inner solar system) into which he had been thrown. In planetary terms, Judah is Mars and Reuben is Mercury, which apparently was once a much larger (even very large) outer planet but got kicked into its present orbit and lost much of its mass in the process! Afterwards, Judah and Joseph are further distinguished as “partners,” which may reflect the action of Mars and Jupiter in stabilizing the solar system and sweeping up much of the dangerous asteroids.

    The ancient creation myths are vast in scope. They not only attempt to explain the origins and evolution of our solar system, but also its future. According to the Jupiter documentary, the planet Jupiter and its satellite Europa do have significant long-term potential to eclipse even Earth (when the Sun becomes a red giant). Likewise, there is an anticipation in the Book of Genesis for the “birthright” to pass to Joseph. The Book of Genesis is very compelling proof that the ancients had fairly advanced (although very high-level) knowledge of cosmology, and this knowledge was considered so sacred that the lives of the royal family had to be patterned after it.

    More about Jupiter in this blog:

      1. Eureka Europa
        Thanks RPJ. Finding these cosmological relationships in the Book of Genesis was kind of like finding cosmological measurements in the Great Pyramid. It was the clincher for me that the myths are true about “broad knowledge” having been transmitted to mankind in ancient times. Exactly by whom or what is open to debate, but the existence of this knowledge is now a matter of fact!

        1. Laird Scranton
          Are you familiar with his work? In a recent interview on the Grimerica show, he mentioned a couple of things that seem to pair with your line of thinking.

          1. “Scranton, The Electric City”
            Just checked out his Grimerica interview:

            (That rap prelude is ridiculous, haha!)

            The discovery that the story of Jacob and Sons in Genesis is cosmological allegory actually ties in quite well with Laird’s work. It sounds like he has already found cosmology in the Noah and Moses stories.

            I also applaud Laird for revisiting Velikovsky’s work on cosmology. I personally revisited Velikovsky’s work on chronology and biblical synchronisms, which was an equally unpopular subject to pursue. Velikovsky’s work was such a spectacular failure, it has dissuaded others from trying again. Nevertheless, the job still needed to get done.

            Other aspects of my research are also synergistic with Laird’s. For example, the idea of kings hailing from Britain to become world rulers. The precedent seems to have been the geographic role of Britain as a sort of “half-way” house for the displaced ruling family of Atlantis at the end of the Ice Age. So many famous figures established a presence in Britain in order to justify their rule elsewhere that a distinct pattern has emerged. Among these greats are: Julius Caesar, Claudius, Vespatian, Constantine, William the Conqueror, King John/Genghis Khan.

            As you can probably tell, I agree that Egypt, India, Britain, China and other lands were part of a royal network in remote Eras, which is Laird has also explored. In my latest book I prove that Alexander the Great was one and the same as Chandra-Gupta of India. In another book (in the works) I will show that his natural dynasty not only re-secured the Middle East, but also became the rulers of China. They did this because there was an expectation, based upon precedent and tradition, to unite these diverse regions of the world under one king.

            Another similar theme (to Laird’s) in my work is the transition from Matriarchal to Patriarchal rule. However, in practice this transition was only superficial. The royal family increasingly projected the image of male authority, yet the royal women ruled the roost! Royal culture continued to be extremely feminine and female controlled due to their breeding model.

            I’ve also looked at the iconography of Gobekli Tepe and concluded that symbols associated with the pantheon of much later times was already well-developed there:



            I would certainly welcome a collaboration with Laird on any or all of these subjects. Sounds like he is also an “open source” kind of researcher, but maybe he has too much in his queue at the moment. I certainly relate to his balancing act. He must have a very understanding/supportive wife, and that’s all I’ve got to say about that!!

          2. The Ministry of Silly Cosmology
            Yes, lucky guy to have a partner that supports this folly!

            I’m beginning to think I’m the idiot for spending all my time on this stuff. I no longer doubt that earthlings were taught to weave their clothing, plow their fields, build their houses and tell their fables in accordance with cosmology. But what could be more insane? And exactly who did this “grail” serve? Of what real benefit were these rituals when humans had no understanding of the science behind them? It seems quite counter-productive to have imprinted earthlings with so much superstitious belief. But, maybe it makes more sense from the perspective of those that imprinted it.

          3. “The Gods Must Be Crazy”
            I suppose if you’re an inorganic being cruising around the galaxy, then cosmology is king. Earthlings care about biology. Cosmology would almost be completely outside our sphere of consciousness if it weren’t for the rare impact event. That’s what makes the distinct imprinting of cosmology on ancient culture so crazy (from our perspective). It had to be imposed from above, not below, and by something with totally different priorities. We even get the impression from myth that they were indifferent and divided about our survival after their own work was done.

            Reminds me of a favorite and very sobering song –


            Here’s a really haunting feminine remix (with lyrics changes) –

          4. “Point of Origin”
            If I may think out loud a little further …

            … could it be that the cosmology of our creators has been imprinted upon us. In other words, do our myths actually encode what unfolded in some solar system far, far away (haha), and that our (“target”) solar system is only similar enough to that other (“home”) solar system to make a comparison useful, and a point of fixation on what was lost or left behind. There is no indication that our fourth planet (Mars) was ever “praised” for having been great in terms of supporting life and civilization, at least not in the last billion years. There is also no indication in myth that the third planet (Earth) is particularly special, but it certainly should be. On the contrary, the “third god” is Levi-Seth and if anything tends to be demonized! Biblical Levi is even associated with exile and the “City of Refuge.”

            Maybe, what we have here is the “projection” of another solar system’s history onto ours. Included in this projection is another group’s crime, downfall, and flight (exile/exodus) to our solar system in search of asylum and rehabilitation. Their guilt and punishment has also been imprinted on us. Perhaps in contrast to their former solar system ours is not particularly hospitable, but one of perpetual conflict. Nevertheless, this is a “cross” that the outcast race must bear.

            There’s definitely a book or novel in this thesis. Yet, if it hits too close to home, people won’t like it. We’re into delusion on this remote outpost.

          5. Myths and Reincarnation
            Have you considered the effects of non-ordinary meghods of direct knowledge in the forging of our myths? Eg precognition, reincarnation and NDEs

          6. Bad Boy Collaboration
            No, I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole yet, haha! But, could you ask Laird to read this thread and contact me if it “lights his laser,” I mean strikes a chord with him?

            I don’t recall exactly when it dawned on me that the story of Jacob and his 12 sons was a cosmology of the solar system. I started looking at it more seriously in the lead up to 2012, but went off in another direction after that. However, I had become convinced that the Mayan Calendar was synchronized with two or more major long-period comets and that the end of their calendar coincided with the return of at least one. It also became evident that 2012 in our calendar was NOT the actual end of the Mayan Calendar. Our time tracking is in error (mainly in the period from 3000 BC to the time of Christ). The end of the Mayan Calendar has not yet occurred.

            Thank You Magnifico Nacho Sabruh!

          7. We can’t help but assume that
            We can’t help but assume that some our ancestors were accomplished remote viewers and telepaths for whom vast spaces and time were no impediment to discovery and knowledge. We see enough of these sorts in the here and now born with these innate skills of high accuracy that it is obvious they must have been a feature of human populations of great antiquity, and the slackening of taboo about such skills in more open minded societies of the past surely meant that such faculties flowered and developed in a more congenial atmosphere.

          8. And the Ultra-Terrestrials

            “Magocsi’s adventures do seem to have more of an Ultra-Terrestrial feel to them. The creatures who took him up in their ship, while they never show themselves to him physically, seem proud of some of the earthly landmarks they take him to, like the pyramids in Egypt, as if they are boasting of their handiworks on Earth. “Let us show you some of the wonders we have made,” they appear to be saying.”

          9. What the Ancients Knew vs. How they Got It
            That sounds like the episode in the Gospels where Satan takes Jesus up to a mountain top and shows him the kingdoms of the world. I don’t believe that literally happened, but it probably represents a memory of when such “trips” did happen to the royal ancestors. The kings of historical times rued the more distant past when the gods spoke to their predecessors face-to-face.

            Anyway, I’m sensing that this “cosmopomorphism” in ancient culture goes beyond ESP, NDE, etc. and was the result of imprinting from a literal, physical contact and alien presence. Although I don’t contest that ET can communicate using other means, there seems to have been a time when that was not necessary. They were here in body as well as spirit.

            I’d like to first get a better handle on the cosmology itself, both the one the ancients followed with ritualistic fervor and the one that science is slowly figuring out. Then maybe we can figure out where the ancients got theirs from (e.g., as the product of an alien “mission” to analyze our solar system, the preserved history of a fallen race of aliens, tapping into a spirit domain, and so forth).

          10. Technical Difficulties
            Thanks RPJ, he’s probably trying to get his light sabre out of the way of the keyboard!

          11. E-mail me
            My Grimerican compadres sent me his e-mail. Contact me through the TDG e-mail system so I can forward it to you.

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