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A Brief History of Anti-Gravity, with Curt Jaimungal on Theories of Everything

This short documentary was released a couple of weeks ago on the Theories of Everything (TOE) Youtube channel hosted by Curt Jaimungal, a young filmmaker who also has a background in science and mathematics and therefore is uniquely suited to tackle some of the hardest questions in the field of UFOlogy, to which he shows a great deal of interest and a fresh open-minded skepticism.

The film is intended to explore the rather spooky entanglement (pardon the pun) between the modern theories of quantum gravity and the controversial albeit —at the time— very serious search for the key to counteract or even reverse the effects of gravitational forces, which was sponsored by two wealthy individuals at the turn of the last century: Roger Babson and Agnew Banhson.

Curt Jaimungal

This is the stuff which has triggered decades of rumors and conspiracies claiming the US government took the study of antigravity ‘underground’ and managed to crack its secrets decades ago —while conveniently keeping it hidden from the rest of the world through alleged campaigns of ridicule and perception management.


On a personal note, it is hard not to see a certain parallel between Babson and Banhson’s obsession with antigravity —which was fueled by their interest in UFOs— and the way in which Robert Bigelow has made use of his fortune to pursue many of the same things.

What’s even more interesting, is that even if these privately funded endeavors may not have really paid off the way any of these millionaires (past and present) intended, they did still manage to have a lasting impact in our society: in the case of Babson and Banhson, as Curt explains in his video —even though I have to confess some of the concepts he discussed are “above my paygrade”— their sponsorship changed the course of general relativity. And in the case of Bigelow, his NIDS and BAASS organizations have dominated modern UFO lore since the 1990s, and are even managing to influence the mainstream thanks to ‘government insiders’ like David Grusch.

If you haven’t done so yet, you should check out TOE’s extensive catalogue of videos, which include interviews with some of the most important scientists and philosophers in the world. Recently Curt uploaded a conversation with none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson, which we’ll probably discuss here at The Grail in the near future —if I manage to stomach 2 hours of Tyson’s bored expression and condescending posture on why both UFOs and philosophy are pure nonsense…

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