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One of the more fascinating facts about near-death experiences is that they are sometimes reported by very young children (somewhat confounding the ‘cultural expectation hallucination’ explanation). Here’s an interesting short clip featuring the near-death experience research of Dr Melvin Morse which focuses on the NDEs of children:

Love the opening quote:

I used to think when you died, you just sort of died…that was it, you just sorta checked out into the darkness.

And when you’ve had a small child pat you condescendingly on the wrist, like I’ve had, and say ‘You’ll see Dr Morse, heaven is fun’…you can’t help but be fascinated by these experiences.

And here’s the NDE that kick-started Melvin Morse’s interest in the topic:

You can learn more at the website of Dr. Melvin Morse, follow @NearDeathDoc on Twitter, and/or pick up a copy of Morse’s book Closer to the Light: Learning from the Near-Death Experiences of Children (Amazon US and UK).