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Free Darklore Goodness!

I bring the love. Following up on my mention earlier this week about the possibility of a ‘Darklore sampler’, here’s a single PDF of all six articles released from Volumes 1 and 2 of our awesomely amazing anthology, available as a completely free download. All articles are in their original formatting, to give you an idea of how damn cool this book is – and of course, to sneakily make you desire to hold the paper version in your hot little hands. The articles are by Michael Prescott (“Hungry Ghosts”), Professor Stephen Braude (“The Fear of Psi”), The Emperor (“The Fog”), Mike Jay (“Enter the Jaguar”, and “Darkness Over All”), and little old me (“Her Sweet Murmur”).

Remember that the Darklore project aims to support good research and writing by passing profits back to the contributors on a royalty basis. So if you dig the sampler PDF, make sure you pick up a copy of our latest release from Amazon:

Feel free to pass around the word about the complimentary Darklore download, or even to host the PDF file yourself and pretend it’s all your work (you’re sure to amaze and impress your friends and family).

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