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Gorilla on the Loose… In Mexico??

One would think that after all we’ve been through in the last few years —UFOs going mainstream in 2017, the Pandemic, the Cybertruck, and an Avatar sequel to name but a few examples— that a news headline would not be able to actually shock me anymore. Especially in a country as surrealist as Mexico, with UFO-attracting volcanoes and earthquakes striking cities as regularly as the Old Faithful geyser in Yosemite.

That is… until my local news feed alerted me about reports of a gorilla on the loose just an hour and a half of where I live!

The local authorities of Villas de Tezontepec have alerted citizens about a gorilla(!) which was recently observed an video-recorded in the vicinity of this small town in the central state of Hidalgo, Mexico, by a group of young men.

According to the sparse reports, the primate —possibly escaped after being held in some clandestine domicile by drug dealers, who are notoriously fond of keeping exotic pets like tigers and lions in their own private zoos — had purportedly come from the State of Mexico, which borders Hidalgo.

The authorities warned the people not to engage the animal, since gorillas are not particularly hostile but can be aggressive if they feel threatened, and report any sightings to a Civil Protection hotline.

As a seasoned student of Cryptozoology, I must say it’s not every day when you see authorities openly acknowledging the existence of an anomalous primate roaming the wilderness of North America!

It is also curious how the quality of the video taken by the youngsters is not any better than your average Sasquatch vid, like the scores one can easily find in Youtube —hence the coining of the term ‘Blobsquatch’— which goes to refute that old tired trope amongst skeptics that love to nag about how the scarcity of good material evidence goes counter with the ubiquity of camera cell phones in our modern age.

Here’s a news flash, my dear debunkers: Not everyone can afford a new iPhone Pro, and the majority of the people in the world go by with cheap Android phones whose cameras are barely capable of taking decent selfies —go ahead an try to take a good photo of the full moon with a Hawei phone, which is one of the most popular brands here in Mexico.

The saga of the Mexican gorilla continues, and hopefully the authorities will be able to capture the endangered creature unharmed. It would be a fitting end to one of the most pleasantly weird news of 2023.

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