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Crowabunga! Here’s a Crow Windsurfing on a Piece of Wood 

Another day, another viral internet video that reminds us just how freakishly smart some animals are.  

If a measure of intelligence across different animals, as some scientists suggest, is the ability and need to play as a way to stimulate the brain and learn new valuable skills, then this recent Tik Tok recorded by user Hanna_will_rant of a crow holding a small piece of wood, as it is gliding over the air currents forming at Huntington Beach, CA, further confirms corvids as one of the most intelligent species in the world. 


Saw this guy at Huntington Beach, CA. I’m so confused. #bird #crow #birdbehavior #whatisthis

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

“Is this bird-surfing?” asks the TikToker incredulously at the bizarre behavior of the bird. Over Twitter, crow expert (how cool is that?) Kaeli Swift, PhD., commented on the video and confirmed that yes, that berb is totally windsurfing my dudes!  

This is not the first time here at TDG when we’ve highlighted the intelligence of these amazing creatures. One of our most popular articles in our archive is one of another crow —this time in Japan— who stole a credit card (!) to purchase a train ticket.  

No wonder ancient folklore has long associated crows as one of the favorite familiars of witches and sorcerers. Sure, Norwegian blue parrots have a lovely plumage and can carry a conversation (they also know how to play dead quite well) but if you’re in need of a winged minion that can follow instructions —and won’t spill the beans— then gimme a squawking crow any day now.  

Just make sure to let your corvid surfer dudes hit the beach from time to time. 

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