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I’ve had a few email queries about this, so I thought I should make it explicit: our anthology Darklore is only available for sale *online* – most obviously from Amazon US and Amazon UK. The publishing industry is archaic and totally unfair to authors, who routinely receive around 1/15th of the retail price of the book. Most of the money from book purchases goes to the distributor, the retailer, the publisher, and the printer…with the author coming in very low in the pecking order.

By publishing exclusively through online retailers (and with various other methods in place), the writers of Darklore receive almost 1/3 of the retail price back in royalties. If enough people are interested, we can even further increase that in future by moving away from Amazon, and to a direct subscription model. This is why I urge all TDG readers to support this venture – we are literally taking back the power from corporate hands, and directly supporting the writers and researchers out there. In turn, they will be able to continue researching and presenting material on the Internet.

If you’re interested in supporting this new model, as many TDG readers have already, send an email to darklore@dailygrail.com – this helps us know how many supporters we have, and therefore when we can safely move to a subscription service for future issues of Darklore. We also appreciate anyone spreading word to friends, mailing lists, other forums. At the very least, pick yourself up a copy of the anthology (Amazon US and Amazon UK). I can’t put it more simply, this is a chance for readers to put their money where their mouth is – you can either support independent researchers and writers directly through projects such as Darklore, or watch the resources slowly be subsumed by big business, after which you’ll end up with the mindless media that you are seeking to avoid when you visit the Daily Grail.