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Advertising: TDG and Sub Rosa

The TDG/Sub Rosa community continues to grow – here at the Grail we currently get around 7,000 individual visitors each day, and each issue of Sub Rosa has been downloaded by more than 10,000 people. What’s more, in the coming weeks we’re going to be adding a few new sub-sites to expand the resources of the TDG community even further. All this means server upgrades and long hours, so we welcome anyone out there is interested in advertising their wares to our audience. There are a few ways to do this.

Firstly, you can now sign up for Google Adwords and target TDG directly. In each Google Ad on site here, you’ll probably now be seeing “Advertise on this site“. This new link allows you to fill out a request to advertise directly on TDG (although you still have to beat out other bids to have your ad on the site). I’ve had a number of requests to put a banner on the site over the years, so this might be an attractive option to those people.

Secondly, advertising in Sub Rosa Magazine allows you to present large interactive graphical ads to readers of our free online magazine. Our cost per reader is second to none (full page ad to 10,000+ readers for $100), and additionally we offer embedded hyperlinks directly to your website, or interactive video/audio within the ad itself. For authors or publishers on a strict budget, you can also purchase a half-page ad, or check out our ‘book spotlight’ ad which allows you to place your book within a full-page ad for a fraction of the full-page ad rate.

Issue 3 of Sub Rosa should be out in just a couple of weeks, so if you’re interested in advertising in the magazine, check out the Sub Rosa Advertising page to download our ratecard, or email us with your enquiry.

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