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Signs of the Times

The Theosophical Society website has published a thought-provoking essay by an old friend of TDG, Ray Grasse. Ray’s essay, titled “The Voice of Divination: Omens, Oracles, and the Symbolist Worldview“, challenges the mechanistic view of the Universe in which we are indoctrinated:

“Things here are signs,” the Neoplatonic philosopher Plotinus once declared. With these words, he gave expression to a worldview that has, in one form or another, influenced human thought since the earliest stirrings of civilization. Sometimes referred to as symbolist, this perspective regards the world as a kind of sacred text, written in the language of symbols, and holds that all phenomena harbor a deeper meaning beyond their obvious appearances. If one applies the proper key, these meanings can be decoded, and everyday life unveiled for its deeper truths.

The article goes on to explore the world of omens, where events are presaged by some symbolic event. Quite interesting, and a worthy read. If you enjoy Ray’s essay, check out his latest book Signs of the Times (Amazon US and UK).

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