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From Hidden Pyramid Chambers to UFOs in Congress: the 100 Most Fascinating News Stories of 2023

Well another year is in the bag, and to be honest it might be once again a pretty good one to keep in the rearview mirror. But before we get started with 2024 – and keep our eyes firmly on the road ahead – let’s take a moment to survey the news stories that fascinated us here at the Grail in 2023.

We’ve posted links to thousands of stories in our daily news briefs – but we’ve sorted through them to narrow it down to what we think are the 100 most interesting, odd and/or mind-blowing news items of the past year.

Obviously, these are pretty much restricted to Daily Grail news fare – you won’t be getting financial or political news stories unless they are in some way relevant to the topics we usually cover (and boy, did UFOs cross over with politics big time in 2023!). As such, they are sorted into 10 categories, each with 10 news items: Ancient sites, History, Space, UFOs and Aliens, Life on Earth, Science, Technology, Weird/Forteana, Psychedelics and shamanism, and Conspiracy.

But cutting thousands of news stories down to just 10 in each category made for some tough calls, and we had to leave out some real good ones in our final edit, especially in a few categories like History – so we’ll be posting that all-but-final draft, before each category was cut to 10, over at our Patreon page for anyone that wants an extended list of links.

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Thanks to all our readers for your support over the past year, and all the best to everyone for 2024!


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