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Hunter S. Thompson Dead

A sad piece of news just breaking: counter-culture author Hunter S. Thompson has reportedly shot and killed himself:

Hunter S. Thompson, the acerbic counterculture writer who popularized a new form of journalism in books like “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” fatally shot himself Sunday night at his Aspen-area home, his son said. He was 67.

This is breaking news, so I’m sure further information will be forthcoming.

  1. This is really upsetting news
    This is really upsetting news. Thompson was my favorite writer/journalist. The world needs more voices like his. I’m sad to see him go out like this…

    Few are those who see with their own eyes, and feel with their own hearts. –Albert Einstein

  2. Instead of mourning his death
    Instead of mourning his death, celebrate his life. I’m surprised he lived as long as he did, considering his lifestyle, and he’s done a hell of a lot more than most people do in the lifetimes they’re given. He lived life to excess, and ultimately paid the price for it.

    Thompson changed a part of the world, created new paths. He did this through his books, gonzo journalism and his personality, and he’ll live on through what he’s left behind. Only a lucky few get to do this.

    Someone I know peed me off today. He’s never read any of Thompson’s books, he’s only seen the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” film — yet he acts as though he personally knew Hunter S. Thompson and is dragging his feet and acting all sorrowful right now in an attempt to get attention. I didn’t know Hunter S. Thompson, I’ve only read one of his books and didn’t even like it, but I respect what he did with gonzo journalism, forging new paths. I will not however act like I’m a personal friend. Countless numbers of other people commit suicide, yet no one gives a damn because they’re not famous. I mourn these people. I hope I’m not being harsh in saying that — I think I’m being realistic. I hope.

      1. Because his is an insincere w
        Because his is an insincere way to gain attention for himself, no more no less. i know this guy and how he works. I’ve known plenty of people who talk about Hunter S. Thompson at parties as though they’re his number one fans — yet when quizzed it turns out they haven’t read any of his books. The kinds of people who’ll have his books on their bookshelves just to impress people. It’s pretentious, and I abhor pretentiousness when it involves a tragic death.

          1. No worries
            I would’ve reacted the same way if I didn’t know all the details, so don’t worry about it. 🙂

            I think we’re all in agreeance that it’s a sad thing when someone commits suicide. I just get bemused how some will seek attention in the wake of a celebrity’s death — I guess they’re a lonely soul crying out for a little help too, in a way, so I’ll try not to be too harshly judgemental.

            Best wishes,


  3. i don’t know what to think
    i am stunned.i don’t know what to think.i have a few of his books and found some of them heavy going, but it was his mindset that always interested rick said his lifestyle was certainly different.he lived as though the barbarians were at the gates and he was prepared to take them on one at a time or blow the whole lot up all together.i don’t know if what he said about his lifestyle was true but i imagine it was.
    over the years i have asked various american friends what gives with thompson, thinking they might be able to explain him to me, but they couldn’t, they just say that he is the way he is.
    when you live the way he did,i guess it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that he decided he wanted control over his ultimate destiny,and after all, he never gave any indication that i could see that he liked the world he lived in.
    i am always sad though when people who have a lot to give, and that is most of us, make the decision to leave this place early.


  4. RIP Hunter S
    I think to mourn him makes perfect sence wether you knew him or not. Its the same as mourning non-famous people.
    His work was magnificent, I did read a couple of his books (i.e. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, The great Shark Hunt) and some of his more recent articles on ESPN and He could describe an LSD trip like no one else.. bravo!! 🙂
    Im not going to pretend to have known him but i do know he has influenced my life. His way of life was inspiring, what some people may call extreme but a life without risk isnt worth living.

    1. inspiring
      sorry dallawalla but i can’t do capitals to adequately show my amazement at your statement.
      i did not find thompson inspiring at all.i found him to be a tortured individual, self-indulgent to the extreme,mostly uninterested in other peoples’ rights, and as paranoid as hell.
      i certainly would not find it inspiring to live the way he did, holed up in his compound, every extra moment not spent drinking and drugging, spent on keeping up his underground quarters while he waited for the nuclear explosion, and with a booby-trapped expanse around his house for when they finally came to get him.
      i believe in the last few years he rarely left his house.
      it shows me that while a little bit of what you like is good for you, and even a big bit of what you like can be terrific on occasions, a huge amount all the time is like playing chicken with a might be slow, but it’ll finally getcha.
      i bet he could write up an lsd trip though, that’s what he knew.

      rick is right when he says that some people attach themselves to a tragedy to vicariously bask in the shadowy limelight that comes with the sudden death of a celebrity.


      1. Tough Lady…
        I did not know this man, in fact I did not partake of that culture of In-your-face’edness. Being a teacher and having this kind of student most of the time, I have slowly turned away from such leveraging by that kind of human. I am impressed that you (Shadow) seem to be as I on this subject. I for one am tired of the talking heads and their agendas. I guess I am too serious.


        1. the good doctor
          did you know that thompson was a doctor of theology.
          i knew he was always called the good doctor but it was a while before i realised it was theology that he studied.
          hence his interest in the book of revelations.
          sometimes i wonder if he didn’t just feel that nothing was worth while and it was all going to end in tears anyway so he decided to do as he pleased.
          so it was really his mindset that interested me, not his writings.people always interest me.
          when i first read what he wrote about being undercover in the hell’s angels bikie gang, he came across to me as not being as gonzo as he made out.i always felt he was frightened of the bikies and felt he had bitten off more than he could chew.
          just my opinion.
          he was certainly different, but to make him a figure to look up to…i dunno about that.


  5. So he’s dead, yeah, but what do you really think happens when yo
    u take the final trip, hell, he’s died a great many times, of course you die every time you trip and…whoa… didya see that flying elephant, whoa.

    Yeah, Hunters Dead. He’s seen probably too much in his life. But yeah, he was also a narcissistic, paranoid lunatic, let’s face it.

    He was one of the guideposts to a certain age for those of us of a certain age, but even he would be the first to tell you, “What the fuck? You’re making me a god or somethin? Shit, man, how many hits did you take?”

    All good things come to an end. And many not so good things too.

    Hipness is in the eye of the beholder.

    Hope you see more clearer now Dr. G than you did in life…

  6. H. S. T.
    Don’t mourn the passing of a man and his pyhsical shell. Feel sadness for his familys loss. And feel sadness because the world lost one of its last, true counter-culture heros. I guess he decided to take the final trip through his door of perception. See you soon H.

  7. Hunter
    I am somewhat amused to see that some of you think of Hunter as a literary genius.

    His work thin at best was a microcosim of his life. Bloated and self indulgent, living off ones past works. Screwjack is a masterpice all 60 some pages?? I don’t hink so.

    Not one of my favorites although I do find it tragic he committed suicide.

    1. I guess you have taken the li
      I guess you have taken the liberty of assuming counter-culture hero means literary genius. Never assume you know anything about what I mean or who my heros are. Look up Joseph Campbells definition of hero.

      1. I never said one word about y
        I never said one word about your heroes and have no desire to learn who they may be.

        My point was that his works were thin.

        Personally, I see no heroes in Keuorac or Thompson. Just two men fragile at best.

        1. Joseph Campbell – The Hero Wi
          Joseph Campbell – The Hero With A Thousand Faces –

          Campbell showed that the story always began with an Everyman just living his hum-drum life. Suddenly and unexpectedly, either by chance or by choice, Everyman is either pulled out of his ordinary life or chooses to leave his ordinary life to launch into a great adventure, whose ending he cannot know at the beginning.

          The adventure, according to Campbell, then goes through several specified stages. The hero will journey into a dark world where he meets various forces or entities which he has to deal with. Along the way he encounters a teacher who gives him the instruction in new skills he will need to learn to successfully achieve his goal. No later than this part of the journey the hero becomes consciously aware of what that very specific goal is.

          Striving for his goal, the hero is challenged to his limit, reaching a peak culminating experience, what Campbell calls a “supreme ordeal.” The result is that the hero “gains his reward” and is forever changed by the experience. He often gains some new powers and sets off with them. Eventually the hero re-emerges to his society with these new abilities bringing a boon to his society which somehow restores that society.

          “Follow your bliss.”

          1. I love Joseph Campbell’s work
            I love Joseph Campbell’s work, he’s a hero of mine. 🙂

            The only thing I’ve got against him is he makes no mention of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Here is Tolkien, a man who invented a mythological world so detailed it could be real, yet Campbell completely ignores him. I never understood why.

            Apart from that, he’s a wonderful man and will be sorely missed.

            My favourite Joseph Campbell quote:

            “Drug users drown in the same pool mystics swim in.”

            Quite apt considering Hunter S. Thompson’s suicide.

          2. Drug Users
            Hi Rick,

            Perhaps we could query Campbell on who the ‘drug users’ are? Hard-core crack addicts? New Age neo-shamans? Coffee drinkers the world over? All the people that drink 2 beers after work? Where do we draw the line on who these drug users are? Do we just go along with the government’s reasoning? If so, is Salvia divinorum included, which is only illegal in 3 countries (Australia included, but not the United States). Blurred lines indeed.

            If we go with the general public vibe of what a drug user is, there’s a Bill Hicks quote that I like too:

            “See I think drugs have done some good things for us. If you don’t think drugs have done good things for us then do me a favor. Go home tonight and take all your records, tapes and all your CD’s and burn them. Because, you know all those musicians who made all that great music that’s enhanced your lives throughout the years? Rrrrreal f**g high on drugs.”

            Peace and Respect

            Peace and Respect
            You monkeys only think you’re running things

          3. Greg,I think JC was refer

            I think JC was referring to drug users who are hopelessly addicted, trapped in the downward spiral where their existence relies on the next hit, and they end up hurting themselves and those around them. He may also be saying that there are other ways to swim in that pool they drown in — but most mystics and shamans are drug users too!

            Me, I’m not against marijuana because it’s bad for you — I hate it because it f***ing stinks! I’ve washed my jacket twice and it still reeks of pot. Last time I go to my musician-friend’s parties! 😉

            Personally, I wouldn’t mind trying a mushroom one day — heroin, cocaine, crack, all the hard stuff, I never want to touch. I’ve known a few people who almost ruined their lives through speed and ecstacy. Maybe it’s a case of moderation, never excess. One should take drugs because they want to, not because they need to — unfortunately, drugs don’t comply with human rationalisation.

            Then again, I can imagine some weird shit without any kind of drug. Sugar is enough for me. 😉

            I really need to change my name …

            Ricus Terrificus

          4. beware the fungi…………………..
            I think everyone should experience a mushi trip once in their life.
            But to desolve into an existence of reliance of mind bending and altering substance to build your utopia in your head is a waste of time. Your legacy on this world would be naut.
            So…Ricus Terrificus…your correct in all you have shared.

            I spent my teenage years amongst a large group of druggies. Had the unfortunate experience of attending 14 funerals all directly associated with drug use.
            The pot heads I knew seemed to be in a time warp. After an absence of 5 years I met up with a couple of them and they had not changed in any way at all. Their lives were exactly how they were 5 years previous. I found I could not even hold a conversation with them unless I stepped back in time myself.

            What a waste!

          5. That happens floppy
            “They had not changed in any way”

            Wow, that is so true.How many people do you know that you haven’t seen in yonks and you meet them again and they are just the same.
            As I previously said, some people grow up and some just grow old.
            I find it almost impossible to hold conversations with some people I used to know and care for.
            And you don’t need to take drugs for this to happen.

            I am so pleased floppy that you have grown so much as a person.I have seen it here over the years.


          6. Joseph Cambell was pedantic,
            Joseph Cambell was pedantic, or a pedagogue. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Hunter S. Thompson were for the masses.

          7. Joseph
            Cambell was a historian of sorts. Tolkien recycled a lot of really old ideas about the hero’s quest. Like people before him for thousands of years, and I am sure people after Tolkien for more thousands of years.

            Some of this makes for good reading, wonderful stories, and some of it makes good philosophy. But Tolkien did not invent any of it, although he was a good master of the craft. If you like the sort of stuff that has lots of detail.

            Hunter S Thompson was a man all unto himself. Not particularly likable, but he did things the way he wanted. Whether that was a good idea – that’s another question.

  8. R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson
    Damn, damn, damn!

    I loved his work, his work ethic, and his attidude. I’m sure going to miss his wit.

    Hunter, rest in peace good sir.


    …who’s *found* a smarter internet

  9. Pity
    What part of Thompson and Kerouac makes them weak?
    Their gutsy sence of adventure? Is it the lack of care that they have for fame or other peoples opinions?
    Is it that they were not afraid to do what ‘mummy’ told them was wrong?

    What exactly is wrong with Thompsons lifestyle? He lived to excess… over and over again.. He laughed at your society for the exact reasons most people think he was nuts. He understood that there is no more sence living in one mind state (for example being straight/sober) than any other. That it makes as much sense to take care of your body as it does to not take care of your body.

    And for saying that he wasnt very gonzo.. ahh common.. he invented gonzo!!

    I had never heard he was a doctor of Theology.. Hes most certainly a doctor in Journalism. hence Dr.Gonzo

    1. doctor of something
      hi dallawalla,
      you are right when you say thompson was unique.he certainly was and also truthful,he spoke what he thought.
      i cannot find any reference on the net to thompson being a doctor of theology and yet i know about his strong interest in the book of revelations,he believed armageddon was coming and he quoted from the bible.
      somehow i have in the back of my mind the idea that i read it in one of his books, that he actually was talking about his life and said he had studied theology.and that’s why he was called the good doctor.
      strange…i will keep looking.
      theology of course is only studying the stories of the bible, not divinity which is a religious thing.
      have i got that right.


      1. paranoid and a pair of quoids
        This is what little tyrants are made of.

        Yes, in some ways HST was brilliant. But he was also a very disturbed individual. As was Kerowack. And Cassidy too.

        Life on the edge is, well, life on the edge. It’s never going to give satisfaction, andit usually ends up badly.

        As to using drugs… Depends on what you use them for. If it’s for self destruction, it’s not going to have any good ends. If it’s to be “coool” then it’s pretty much the same.

        Some of us use drugs (and I include caffeine, alchohol and nicotine) as tools to combat, and render less pressing, sensitivities to stimuli which we cannot filter out. Maybe that was HST’s rap.

        Or it could just be self destruction. We’ll never know.

        1. No no no
          Spoken truly like someone who doesnt know what they are talking about when it comes to drugs. Yes the media will lead you to believe that drugs are so bad.. which is why your parents also believe the same thing.. thats because you wont hear a story on the news about drugs unless something bad happens. Trust me when i say this, and most people know this, that Alcohol and Nicotine are 2 of the worst drugs around and kill more people in this world than any other drug.
          The drug community is so wide from the lowest of the low to the rich business man on his day off and even the doctor community (they are big on coke).
          The important thing is not to take any mind state too seriously.. and i mean the drugs state and your sober state.

          There is nothing wrong with him killing himself, its better than suffering.. he always talked about doing it or so i hear.
          He just decided to take control of the one thing humans dont usually control.

          And people dont knock kerouac or Cassidy when you have no clue of what a satisfying life is. It just shows ur ignorance.

          1. DW, don’t go there…
            …because God knows, I know enough.

            What? Was I born in the last few decades? Do you think I grew up listening to the Dragon Ladys (another name for Herr Nancy Raygun–shadows and collette, are you listening?) rant on Drugs are BAD, Guns and Dictators are GOOOOOD.

            I was once with a girl (17 chronologically, but 35 at times, and 4-7 at others) who claimed that by 9, she had done her first trip, by 12 she was on the streets of NYC dealing (acid), and when I met her at 17, was on the run from the Feds (and this was many years and too many lost memories ago, for all you Watchers and Lurkers out there in Eschelon Land).

            She was a poster child for the negative side. She was both beyond her years in some ways, and obviously not grown a bit in others.

            As to my “experiences” shall we say, there is not much that I haven’t done. I”ve climbed the highest mountain, and I’ve buzzzzzzzzeeeeeedddddd too much for twelve hours (on bad A).

            And these are just the experiences that I wish to relate on the World Wide Watcher net. So, please don’t tell me that I don’t fucking know what I’m talking about.

            My experiences range from the highest to the lowest. I have know folks for whom their entering the Doors of Perception clensed them, and others for whom, it was all a downer, man. Real downer.

            Drugs, when used as enhancing tools (no matter what the pharmacoepia genus used and the level taken at) can, yes, “clense the doors of perception.” When used as ‘party’ tools, they can have negative consequences.

            They can open you up to barely submerged neuro-deficits or even worse, open the floodgates of pathology (for one friend, it meant descent into full-blown schizo-effective catatonia (and talking more to trapped souls on the lower astral levels more than those in physical form, for more than two years of institutionalization). If taken indiscriminantly (as most folks do), they can do irreversible damage.

            They can also, when taken with Higher Mind in mind, effect changes that might otherwise take many years of introspection. After all, LSD-25 was first used as a pycho-pharmacoelogical aid to therapy (before the CIA and the US gov got a hold of it–which they then used for advanced forms of bi-lateral neural disruption and ‘re-making.’

            As to HST, I was not too far behind in his milleu. Were you?

            As to Kerouac and Cassidy–they were for what they were–flawed and, even by each other, seen as distrubed savants (see Jack blow, see Casidy speed hammer–watch out!). They knew that they were crossing boundaries that they might not come back from. ‘that was, like man, the whole fuckin point, right?’

            And just who are you–dharmawalla–who don’t know shit about me and my life, to tell me about a “satisfying life?” You ever hitched cross country (USA, not AUS), and done it in three days time? You ever had EVERYTHING you owned except the shirt on your back (and luckily, your wallet) ripped off by alckies ON THE ROAD? Hmmmm?

            And for the record, I have also used my hitchhiking stories in my works of fiction. This you will probably know in the next year or so (and hence, know who/what/where I am).

            So, please. Speak about what you know. Don’t tell others what they don’t know. Speak from your heart, and not your disfunction.

            For another look at this, go to:
            to see some of the more ‘famous aspects’ of drugs…

            And once again… Don’t tell someone else what they know or don’t know. Incriminate yourself, don’t discriminate others.

            Whew. So much for the heavy…

          2. onya Leo
            You got it in one Leo.It’s OK mate, I ‘aint going to say I love you again so you can rest easy.

            Here’s my complaint about HST.

            He asked everyone for their tolerance of him while giving none to others.
            He was talking to his wife on the phone when he shot himself, and had told her he was going to look at some papers.The woman waited for his return as he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.
            In the next room were his son and wife and 5yr old grandson.They thought they heard a heavy book falling and walked in and found him with half his head blown off.Nice!!!
            A nice memory for the kid.

            People who rely on drugs to enhance any performance in which they indulge regularly are self-indulgent.
            At least coffee and tobacco do not dull the synapses of the brain so that they cannot logically react.
            The heavy drugs in which HST indulged for most of his life were the most self-indulgent of the lot.
            He could not perform without them.
            I’ve read some of his stuff and I was not impressed.I didn’t need to be, he was impressed enough with himself for both of us.
            A statement I made here about his behaviour with the Hell’s Angels, saying that he was too frightened of them to tell a proper story, I found repeated a couple of days ago from a Hell’s Angel himself, agreeing with me.Probably on Rolling Stone mag.

            Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is just a copy of all the letters HST received and sent to important people.
            He was 5ft tall and 6ft up himself.

            The reason his neighbours in Aspen were very tolerant of him and his guns and explosives is quite simple.
            Wouldn’t you be tolerant of a lunatic living next door with guns and explosives.
            Thompson help people to ransom with his selfish desires to do it his way.I have seen people in this forum applaud that he did it his way.If we all did it our way there would be chaos and the end of society.
            If you want to live in society you have to abide by it’s rules, otherwise, go find a desert island somewhere where you can do as you like.

            I like anything sparkly, and would happily live my life in fairy wings and gauzy dresses covered with glitter but I have family who would be embarrassed by that, so I don’t do it.
            I like nude swimming in the ocean but since I don’t see now, I would have to do it in daylight instead of the night as I used to do.But I don’t because I have family who have important careers who would not like me doing that.

            Thompson believed that he was entitled to do precisely what he wanted.But did he believe in the same thing for others?
            No way!

            He would not have tolerated people with heavy guns and explosives living near him if he was not that way inclined.
            He was the most self-absorbed, self-focused, self-indulgent,selfish individual and should have followed his true calling, dictator.
            To kill himself the way he did should not elicit praise for anyone for doing it his way, it should make us ashamed that humanity can be so uncaring.


    1. A world without Hunter S. Thompson … where do we go now ?
      It has been a month now since Hunter S. Thompson left for the netherworld.

      Marty Beckerman was one of the few journalists who managed to secure an interview with the Thompson. Beckerman has authored many articles on culture and counter-culture, and at least two books: ‘Death to all Cheerleaders’ and ‘Generation S.L.U.T.’. He is working on a third book, tentatively titled ‘Nation Of Retards: America’s Sexxxiest Young Journalist Exposes the Bastardly Forces Keeping You Stupid.’

      For anyone interested in reading more Beckerman, you may wish to review this collection of journalistic contributions (warning: these articles contain what some may consider to be extremely offensive language – don’t go there if you are offended by course language or course imagery).

      Anyway … the articles include Beckerman’s intimate thoughts on last year’s U.S. presidential election . Surprisingly – perhaps oddly – the article also includes a reference to David Icke’s kingdom of the lizard people.

      I sometimes wonder at what point of time the enlightenment turned itself into a luciferian revivalist crusade? Then I remind myself … Donington, 1992.

      1. So what’s your point ankh???
        I know Beckerman’s work and agree with what he says and obviously he has a good readership,but could possible get more if he was to tone it down a bit.
        Seems to me this is why the Democrats are going down the toilet so quickly.There are a lot of family people who agree with him but who are not going to read his stuff.
        He’s just a Thompson clone.I wonder if he would command the headlines he does if he was to say his piece a little cleaner.
        It’s just a gimmick.
        There is an article today in the Sunday paper here.
        It says that Thompson was a wife beater, and women beater.He beat his first wife severely.He beat and battered various girlfriends and women friends for no obvious reason.Not that there ever is a reason.I mean a resaon for him.
        He hated homosexuals and on more than one occasion pulled a gun on them.He hated negroes and people of colour.
        Sorry ankh, I am a bleeding-heart liberal, but I won’t pay an ounce of consideration to this man.
        He could have done what he did without the violence,the displays of lunacy and the bomb waiting to go off effect he had on everyone.
        He made lives miserable,specially those who loved him.


        1. Relevance
          I guess the point is about ‘relevance.’ In thinking about how to respond to your notes about Thompson, my mind wandered first to ‘Kentucky’ where he was born (in Louisville). From there, I reflected on the infamous hillbilly feuds from the late 1800’s. To jog my memory, I googled for ‘McCoy feud’ and came up with a timeline for the feud which lasted almost 30 years. As I read the timeline, I realised that what was special about Hunter Thompson was that he really was a ‘gonzo.’ Other than the Muppet Show, the only way I can contemplate on a theory of ‘gonzo-ism’ is to reflect on the life of Hunter S. Thompson … or alternatively, maybe watch an episode of Jerry Springer.

          Thompson may well have been a wife beater and he may have hated homosexuals and he might even have been a miserable drug wrecked lying bastard living beyond the boundaries of any human ethic … he may well have been a crazy gun toting member of the NRA … but he never pretended to be anything other than that. His friends mourn his passing, his detractors raise their glasses for a cheerful toast, the rest of us can just say ‘Hunter S. Thompson is dead, long live the memory of Hunter S. Thompson.’

          1. That’s really nice ankh
            I appreciate your words and it made me think a little.Maybe there is a perspective I have not seen in this.
            Maybe Thompson was the only way he could have been.
            And he said some great stuff, so I wish him well on his journey which I believe Johnny Depp has sent him on courtesy of a cannon.
            Well done ankh.I would like to have you on my side in a fight.


          2. I never could get my head aro
            I never could get my head around any of the guys you people have mentioned. But a loss is still a loss. And me old Gran always told me “Never speak ill of the dead”….mind you she was the most perfect racist you could ever meet. SHe hated everybody

          3. my mother said that too
            and then went on to speak ill of the living.
            I think the loss of Thompson is that there was so much more to him than he himself thought and that’s why he hid behind his drugs and guns and whatever.
            A death is a death, and I have been dreaming horrible dreams lately about deaths of people in the family but not how it happened.It makes me think that what I dreamt might have been somehow the truth and I didn’t see it.
            Oh well…


          4. balls of an elephant
            i’d like to see that.
            actually i have, come to think of it.

            i read that whole piece in wonderment, and 5 minutes later realised it was the onion.
            oh well.

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