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Off-topic: Action Auto

Completely off-Grail-topic, apart from the fact it's one of our own doing good: Friday news admin Turner Young's 'webisode' project Action Auto now has it's own...
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This looks cool: Moon. Little bit of a HAL 9000 vibe in there, but if you're going to copy a movie, that's not a bad one to borrow from......
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Something Unknown

Here's a new documentary which looks in the What the Bleep?! mode, covering a number of the topics we find so fascinating: Something Unknown (is doing we don't ...
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Enlighten Up!

Just caught the trailer for an upcoming documentary which looks pretty cool: Enlighten Up!. Here's the blurb: Filmmaker Kate Churchill is determined to prove...
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World Builder

Have to share this one with you - I'm sure most readers will enjoy it, with its theme of 'reality-creation'. A great showcase in digital effects, and even mores...