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Vessel is a newly-released science-fiction/horror short which pays tribute to the ‘alien encounter’ genre, minus the happy, loving Spielbergian aliens (a la E.T. and CE-III). It’s extremely well-made – great directing, excellent acting and superb use of VFX, both old school and new. Sit back and enjoy (warning – please note the description as being in the ‘horror’ genre. Nuff said):

VESSEL is a very ambitious scifi / horror short in the vein of Alien, The Thing and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. VESSEL features a blend of old school, practical creature effects and slick, modern day VFX. The story focuses on Liberty Airlines’ Flight 298 and its passengers. Shortly after takeoff, the passengers encounter an otherworldly force and are thrown into a fight for their lives!

More about the film and those who made it at the movie’s official website.

(h/t Red Pill Junkie)