1970s Space Colony Conceptual Art

Elysium Trailer

The first trailer for Neill (District 9) Blomkamp’s new sci-fi movie Elysium has been released, and it looks excellent (see above). I love how the trailer features a melding of the utopian 1970s conceptual artwork of toroidal space colonies (which I posted about back in 2010) and the gritty battle vibe of modern game series like Mass Effect and Halo in the scenes on Earth (though given Blomkamp was originally said to be working on a Halo movie, not overly surprising I guess).

I’ll also casually note that in my 2010 post I thought it would be great if someone could put a Hans Zimmer Inception foghorn over images of those toroidal space colonies…and the Elysium trailer does exactly that. Hopefully my royalty cheque is in the mail… *cough*