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Spirit World

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The Gold Leaf Lady

Parapsychology researcher Professor Stephen E. Braude has a new book coming out in a few weeks time, and it looks well worth a look. The Gold Leaf Lady and Othe...
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Rogo Afterlife Reading

SurvivalAfterDeath.org have reprinted an excellent series from Scott Rogo, on "Psychical Research and the Survival Controversy" (from his book Life After Death....
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Ghost Hunting Bargain

Need to offer a quick recommendation: I'm currently reading Deborah Blum's Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death,...
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The White Crow

I've mentioned the book Ghost Hunters (Amazon US and UK) a number of times here on TDG - not least because the author, Deborah Blum, seems to have one heck of a...
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UV and the Afterlife

As mentioned in today's news, there is an excellent article online concerning Near Death Experiences and the research of Dr Bruce Greyson. I thought I'd post th...
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The Wisdom of the Soul

Our good friend Ian Lawton (co-author of Giza: The Truth, and author of the recent Book of the Soul) has just released a new book titled The Wisdom of the Soul:...