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When I first began looking into Near Death Experience (NDE) research and related fields, every second journal article I seemed to come across was penned by a guy named D. Scott Rogo (and the other half seemed to be by Michael Grosso, who now writes a column for us for Sub Rosa). Scott Rogo was a prolific and well-respected author and writer, who was tragically murdered in 1990 – some of his ideas and insights still seem well ahead of the rest of the field even now.

I was very happy, therefore, to find that Anomalist Books has now republished a number of his works. Covering reincarnation, miracles, poltergeists, and a number of other paranormal subjects, these books are great reading. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on two of the titles, and it says a lot about Rogo that one of them was written by him when he was 20, and yet displays an extremely deep understanding of the topic and historical sources. Well worth checking out.