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Afterlife Aftermath

Interesting to see on the website of ‘super-psychic’ Allison Dubois (on whom the television series Medium is based), a disclaimer regarding her affiliation with Dr Gary Schwartz, survival-of-consciousness researcher and author of The Afterlife Experiments (US and UK):

A short list of people who have been included on shows with me that I do not endorse is Dr. Gary Schwartz. I was disappointed to find out that the four years that I spent in the lab for “science” is being used for financial gain by Dr. Schwartz even after I expressed my disapproval. I never asked for a cut of any project that Gary sold because money wasn’t the issue it was trust and that was quickly broken by Gary’s blatant actions. It was never the agreement when we entered the lab for science to understand our abilities better that we’d be Gary’s income.

It would seem that Allison Dubois is referring to the new book from Dr Schwartz, The Truth About Medium: Extraordinary Experiments with the real Allison DuBois of NBC’s Medium and other Remarkable Psychics (Amazon US and UK). In any case, no doubt it will be grist to the mill for skeptics such as James Randi, who has been gunning for Dr Schwartz and his research with psychics for quite some time (see this editorial by Dr Schwartz replying to Randi’s criticism, here on TDG). Anybody have more detailed information about all this?

    1. The plot thickens
      Hi Will,

      Thanks for the extra information (fast too!). Any personal insight into what’s going on?

      Peace and Respect
      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. The soup thickens, too
        No personal insight here, just some confusion and questions. Super psychic objects to Schwartz writing a book about research he conducted? Um…don’t participants in research have to sign “informed consent” documents, wherein researchers describe the project AND that they expect to publish? And, um, hasn’t Schwartz PREVIOUSLY published his research, therefore should have been expected to publish??? I don’t recall ever hearing that publishing a book of your own research and getting paid for your work was an immoral, unethical, or dubious act….

        Let me try to get this straight — super psychic DOESN’T make any financial gain from the TV show, right? No royalties, no payments for ‘use of name or likeness’, no additional notoriety from having a TV show based on her personage??? But, she has published her OWN book, that Schwartz contributed to (and is now being stricken from)? Does she get any financial gain from her book?

        What am I missing here? Is the super psychic opposed to researchers earning a living? Or did Schwartz somehow indicate that the super psychic ain’t so super? (I don’t know – just trying to understand this.)

        Or, worse yet, does it look like Schwartz’s book is going to make mucho $$$, and super psychic is trying to whine her way into a percentage? (Dunno, just totally clueless here.)


          1. Mind over Matter, Money over Mind.
            Whilst I fully support the possibility of psychic abilities, I wonder if Dubois is more worried about Schwartz’s research suggesting or concluding that she does not have psychic abilities. As was pointed out, Dubois is making money from royalties for the syndicated television show and from her own book. As was also pointed out, Schwartz has every right to publish a book and earn money from it.

            Dubois’ opposition to Schwartz only makes skeptics such as Randi even worse.

            By the way, I love the subject line Lee. =D

          2. Re: Mind over Matter, Money over Mind.
            [quote=Rico]Whilst I fully support the possibility of psychic abilities, I wonder if Dubois is more worried about Schwartz’s research suggesting or concluding that she does not have psychic abilities.[/quote]

            On the contrary, every indication I have is that Dr Schwartz gives her the top notch rating for psychic abilities, labelling her a ‘Michael Jordan’ of mediums. I can understand Dubois feeling exploited by others to some degree though, but on the other hand it could be argued that Dr Schwartz has contributed to her success and doesn’t have the same avenues for earning money that she does.

            Hard to make a call either way without more information.

            Peace and Respect,

          3. Allison D
            I think, like most psychics (she) they have mixed feelings re: their talent or gift. Let’s say you had a gift to listen to some ones Vehicle engine and with in a few minutes know what is wrong or could tell what would soon be going wrong with that engine how much would you charge? That is one issue. Also people find out about this gift and want to have their Vehicle fixed for free even though fixing is not what the gift is. They want to have “no responsibility” for the care of the Their vehicles maintenance. It takes energy for the One who has the gift who SEES what is going on with the vehicle. Again what does one charge. They don’t, they have jobs and use their gift within that job. Writing a book is also a job. As for indorsing a book or not, well,if someone wrote things about YOU that were true but not truth would you indorse it?
            As Greg says
            Peace and Respect,

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