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Interesting to see on the website of ‘super-psychic’ Allison Dubois (on whom the television series Medium is based), a disclaimer regarding her affiliation with Dr Gary Schwartz, survival-of-consciousness researcher and author of The Afterlife Experiments (US and UK):

A short list of people who have been included on shows with me that I do not endorse is Dr. Gary Schwartz. I was disappointed to find out that the four years that I spent in the lab for “science” is being used for financial gain by Dr. Schwartz even after I expressed my disapproval. I never asked for a cut of any project that Gary sold because money wasn’t the issue it was trust and that was quickly broken by Gary’s blatant actions. It was never the agreement when we entered the lab for science to understand our abilities better that we’d be Gary’s income.

It would seem that Allison Dubois is referring to the new book from Dr Schwartz, The Truth About Medium: Extraordinary Experiments with the real Allison DuBois of NBC’s Medium and other Remarkable Psychics (Amazon US and UK). In any case, no doubt it will be grist to the mill for skeptics such as James Randi, who has been gunning for Dr Schwartz and his research with psychics for quite some time (see this editorial by Dr Schwartz replying to Randi’s criticism, here on TDG). Anybody have more detailed information about all this?