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Randall Carlson: “We are living upon the wreckage of former worlds”

Most Grailers would be familiar with the work of Randall Carlson, a polymath whose research on the ancient world integrates sacred geometry, geology, environmental change, myths, legends, cosmic cycles and catastrophes. He is a proponent of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, and has theorized about the extinction of historical advanced human civilizations.

The video below takes the audio (and some video) from one of Randall’s lectures, and combines it with illustrations and stock video footage to bring what he’s saying to life. In the lecture Randall discusses the fact that there have been many ‘apocalyptic’ events over the last 150,000 years – the period of ‘modern humans’ – and that they appear to happen in a regular, cyclic manner.

For the reasons he outlines in the lecture, this means that we today are walking around amongst the ruins of many lost civilisations:

One of the most important insights we get from these ancient traditions is the measurement of cosmic time and how it relates to us here on earth. You’ve just got to know what to look for and where to look for it. Once you begin to become aware of it and you begin to see it you begin to realize that the cosmic fingerprints are everywhere about us, and we’re in fact living in and upon the wreckage of the former worlds.

The rubble of these former worlds is all around us but we haven’t had the scale of perspective to see it, and that’s where we’re at now. I’m completely thrilled with things like the emergence of Google Earth because Google Earth is now allowing us to just sit at our computers and see the cosmic perspective of Earth, and when you look at it from the extraterrestrial point of view things begin to show up that we don’t see when we’re right down here immersed, when it’s so close that we’re like ants walking under rubble and can’t can’t see what what’s around us.

But we do see that we literally have built our own world in our own social system on top of and out of the wreckage of former worlds

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