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Jacques Vallee

Jacques Vallee on UFOs and Consciousness

The UFO contact documentary Witness of Another World is receiving rave reviews from many quarters (including Red Pill Junkie, right here on the Grail), and many viewers have enjoyed seeing legendary UFO and consciousness researcher Jacques Vallee in the film (full disclosure: we are the publisher of two of Jacques’ best-known books, Messengers of Deception and Passport to Magonia).

Jacques is well-known as one of the deepest thinkers out there on the topics of ufology and consciousness (see for example his fascinating musings on synchronicities), so it’s great to see that the makers of the film have also uploaded some video of him to YouTube discussing UFOs and consciousness, after being asked if he thinks UFOs are capable of altering our reality (full video embedded below):

I don’t know if [the UFO phenomenon] is capable of altering our reality, because I’m not sure that we know what our reality is anymore. There are too many things that are changing our reality – we can alter reality in many ways: through drugs, through consciousness impressions, through belief systems, and of course through physiological means.

So the phenomenon could use all of that to express itself if it came from ‘the outside’. If it comes from ‘inside’ of us it’s even more interesting, because it forces us to raise the question of what is reality in the first place – and physics is is asking the same questions now. Many physicists are asking -primarily because of experiments with entanglement of particles and entanglement of atoms – how is it that reality is really perceived by our consciousness, and to what extent do we create our reality? Is there such a thing really as space and time?

So those questions come from physics, they don’t come from ufology, but I think we can we can really learn from what the physicists are doing now.

Some physicists are saying that time and space don’t really exist as real entities, that they are expressed, that they emerge from consciousness taking notice of our own experiences. Now if that’s true that certainly opens up many new ways of approaching phenomena like UFOs, and other phenomena.

Witness of Another World is now available for streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play and the Xbox service.

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