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A note to our readers

To our readers:

On Sunday, February 19th, a tribute to author and editor Robbie Graham (whom we had learned had recently passed away) was published on our page. This was something we felt compelled to do —like we’ve done on numerous occasions when other personalities in the field of paranormal investigation have died— out of sheer professional courtesy; given our admiration for his creative output for over ten years, and also due to my involvement with him on a personal and professional capacity.

Since then, certain things came to our attention which made us realize not everything was altogether clear concerning his death.

Given how nothing in the text of the tribute was outside the scope of what was already public knowledge at the time —Robbie had died under tragic circumstances, his work was highly regarded among many in the UFO research circles, and I collaborated with him in UFOs: Reframing the Debate and other projects— after these new developments unfolded we at The Daily Grail initially thought the most prudent course of action was to wait, and update the eulogy only after some sort of report or official statement was released.

But now, we have decided to honor the express wishes of Robbie’s direct family, and remove the post altogether.

To those reading these words we offer our apologies. We ask you to be patient and not fan the flames of rumoring which are so common in this age in which gossip travels faster than facts, and we pledge our promise to keep you updated when more information is forthcoming.

  1. So terribly sad. Though I cannot tell you not to castigate yourself for not staying closer or reaching out to help, I will say that I hope those feelings start to fade from your heart and you remember mainly the good times.
    You are a good guy, don’t take this on yourself. Though I imagine all his friends are. I speak from recent personal experience and when I saw Greg’s post this morning I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I shouted a long string of no, no, no at the Universe.
    And yes, I wish I had been there for my friend at Christmas, that I had seen any sort of a sign pointing to his decision, that I could have held this at bay until, well, forever. All his friends feel the same way.
    And now we’ve lost another splendid mind, and the community is reeling from the loss. May he be running down the beach with complete abandon, soaring on the aethers, savoring the freedom. May he have a long heart to heart with Jeff Ritzmann and everyone else from our community who has parted the vail.

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