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Jacques Vallee

Happy Birthday Jacques Vallée, 80 Years Young Today

The wonderful Jacques Vallée celebrates his 80th birthday today! Jacques has been, and remains, one of the great thinkers on topics that inhabit the fringes of science, from ufology to parapsychology.

Even while he is now entering his ninth decade, he shows few signs of slowing down: we discussed one of his recent papers on SETI here just a few weeks ago, and also a few months ago discussed his fascinating musings on synchronicities.

We here at the Daily Grail have been privileged to publish reprints of two of his most famous books on UFOs, Passport to Magonia and Messengers of Deception. I can say that Jacques is an absolute delight to partner with – a truly thoughtful, humble and friendly man.

You can travel through Jacques’ life, and his brain to some extent, in his journals, which in recent years have been republished by our good friends at Anomalist Books. I highly recommend adding these titles to your bookshelf, they’re beautifully written and are a time machine to several periods in the last 70 years – but as a much shorter biography, this YouTube video gives a quick overview of his life and career:

To celebrate the occasion of Jacques’ birthday, I’m going to give away a couple of signed copies of his books to random supporters of the Daily Grail at the end of September, whether on Patreon, through a donation, or by helping us in various other ways. Get in!

And happy birthday to Jacques!

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