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Person to person telepathy

Making Sense of Psi

Well-known psi researcher Dr Dean Radin has served as the President of the Parapsychological Association a number of times over the past three decades, and at the most recent PA conference he delivered a fascinating “Presidential Address” devoted to “Making Sense of Psi” (video embedded below).

Dean doesn’t shy away from the difficulties posed by that task – indeed, he opens the talk by noting it’s something that many before him have tried to do:

When you listen to or you look up previous presidential addresses at the PA you find that they fit into a couple of different categories. One of the categories that keeps showing up is the president tries to make sense of the entire field, which of course is impossible, but there’s been efforts…you see it repeatedly both for the presidents of the Parapsychological Association and also the Society for Psychical Research in the UK. So why should I be any different [trying to make] sense of psi? I’m going to talk about it in terms of seven puzzle pieces that are in search of a picture.

The seven puzzle pieces that Dean talks about using to ‘make sense of psi’ fit under the following topic headings:

  1. From nothing to something
  2. Strange logic
  3. Brain morphology and genetics
  4. Replication non-crisis
  5. Quantum weirdness
  6. More quantum weirdness
  7. Indra’s net (“Psi is consistent with an interconnected web of relationships, interactions, and influences that transcend space and time.”)

If that sounds interesting to you, be sure to check out the video:

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