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The Scole Experiment: Evidence of the Afterlife?

This is an old video we reported on all the way back to 2011, but I honestly feel it’s well worth a repost —especially because the original link was from YouTube where it’s probably not available anymore.

[Because of privacy restrictions the video cannot embedded on our website. To view it, click here]

The so-called Scole group were part in the 1990s of one of the most fascinating (and controversial) parapsychology experiments ever documented in modern history; not only because it lasted so long, but also because of the impressive amount of physical evidence it allegedly produced.

It involved a group of four people sitting together regularly for years in order to attempt communication with “the other side.” And once they did, discarnate entities were purportedly pursuing to establish reliable methods to ‘strengthen the channel’ with our plane of existence, using all sorts of gadgetry which were not only meant to prove to outsiders that no trickery was involved, but also to (supposedly) facilitate the manifestation of the ‘subtle energies’ coming out from the dimension these beings were said to inhabit.

I first became acquainted with this documentary after listening to an interview on the New Thinking Allowed channel with Dan Drasin, who was its producer. However, Jeffrey Mishlove (host of New Thinking Allowed) also conducted an interview with Robin Foy, one of the original protagonists of the Scole experiment, which you can find here.

The importance of the Scole experiment, in my opinion, lies not only on the fact that it ‘rekindled’ academic interest in what is usually referred to as ‘physical mediumship’ —the sort of stuff that was all the rage back in the 19th century when spirit seances were a high-class entertainment, before skeptics like Houdini labeled all of them as cheap chicanery and hoaxes— but also because it further underscores the close ties between parapsychology and other sorts of ‘paranormal’ phenomena. The fact that mainstream UFOlogy is still hellbent on ‘proving’ UFOs are nothing but metal spacecraft visiting us from other planets clearly shows most people in that field are woefully ignorant about the documented efforts of the Scole group, which is deeply unfortunate —why is it that if an orb appears near a military base that is called a UFO, but if the same type of orb appears inside the basement of an English residence, that is evidence of ghost activity?

Dan Drasin, BTW, has recently published a book titled A New Science of the Afterlife which seems to be the kind of perfect Xmas gift for regular readers of our website.

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