Documentary on the Scole Experiment

Kamarling notes on his blog that YouTube now has a 90 minute documentary on the Scole Experiment available for viewing, courtesy of UFOTV. During the 1990s a group of mediums and scientists – including Rupert Sheldrake, David Fontana and Montague Keen (who died during filming) – conducted a series of seances in an attempt to document evidence for paranormal events and even, perhaps, the afterlife.

The film is narrated by a well known (at least in the UK) investigative journalist called Donal MacIntyre and contains actual footage plus interviews with participants and investigators. The sceptics are represented (briefly, it has to be said) by Chris French: the British media’s go-to guy for scepticism. He doesn’t actually address any of the (alleged) paranormal events depicted in the film but he does reassure those who might be tempted to believe that, according to science, none of it is possible (of course).