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Psychedelic art by Luke Brown
Psychedelic art by Luke Brown

Breaking Convention 2019: Videos on Altered States, Shamanism and the Paranormal

As mentioned here a few weeks ago, the 2019 Breaking Convention was held at the University of Greenwich from 16-18 August, and from all accounts was a brilliant success. The Convention featured an amazing list of speakers – but if you weren’t able to attend, never fear: the kind Breaking Convention folk have already uploaded a bunch of videos for you to watch at your leisure!

There’s plenty to keep you busy, with an amazing array of lectures covering a very wide range of aspects of psychedelia and consciousness studies (see below for a few examples). Your best bet is to just browse the most recently uploaded videos on the BC YouTube channel, or if you’re more focused on one particular area take a look at their BC2019 topic playlists.

But, just as a taster for the diverse range of lectures delivered by a who’s who in the psychedelia and consciousness research fields, here’s just a few to start you off:

Dr David Nutt – Banning psychedelics – the worst censorship of scientific research ever?

Dr Christian Rätsch – How to Follow the Path of Shamans in the Digital World

Giorgia Gaia – Paranormal Ethnographies of Ketamine

Be sure to keep checking back to the Breaking Convention YouTube channel as there will no doubt be more videos uploaded from the 2019 conference over coming weeks (and don’t forget also that there’s already hours of fantastic presentations in their back catalogue from previous conventions).

Big thanks to the Breaking Convention organisers for sharing these videos freely for those of us who wanted to attend but were unable!

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