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Robert Schoch in front of the Great Sphinx. Photo by Catherine Ulissey.

How Old is Human Civilization? Kickstart a Documentary Featuring the work of Dr Robert Schoch

Dr Robert Schoch came to fame in the early 1990s with his geological research suggesting that the Great Sphinx of Egypt could be much older than previously thought. Since then, his research has branched out into attempting to answer various other areas related to the age and origin of human civilization, including Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, Easter Island, events that ended Earth’s last ice age, and more.

A few years ago Robert co-founded ORACUL, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization “dedicated to the scientific study of civilization’s origins”. ORACUL has recently announced a Kickstarter, asking for some crowd-funding help to produce a documentary with Emmy-award winning filmmaker Jim Fields that will take you inside Schoch’s research and conclusions on the topic:

Many of you may remember the landmark Mystery of the Sphinx documentary from the early 90s. That film was the introduction many of us had to the idea that “lost civilization” could, in fact, be a historical reality. That film sparked outrage in the orthodox archaeological community, as many in academia were threatened by this new, hard-science approach to studying remote history.

Fast-forward to today, and there has been so much more evidence uncovered to support this initial work. Newly uncovered sites in Turkey, such as Göbekli Tepe, are so un-disputably ancient and anachronistically advanced, that they, and other sites around the world, can be considered “smoking gun” evidence for sophisticated, pre-ice age civilization worldwide.


It’s worth noting that, as of the posting date, an anonymous supporter is matching donations up to a maximum of $5000 until the end of today (April 19) – so if you’re interested in kicking some money in, get over there and do it now as your contribution will be doubled.

It sounds like you’ll get a fantastic documentary in return for your assistance:

In addition to the many ancient and awe-inspiring sites around the world, underwater structures, ice core samples, ancient petroglyphs, plasma events, and astronomical evidence have all become new pieces of the puzzle. In ORACUL’s planned documentary, all of these pieces will be put together for the first time on film. This project is something that many, many people have been asking for, and with your help, ORACUL will be in a strong position to produce it, and to distribute it world-wide to as many people as possible.

Head on over the Kickstarter page for the project and check out the rewards, and chip in if you like the look of it.