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Where the Good Folk Dwell: Exploring Magical Ireland with Joshua Cutchin

When my friend and colleague Joshua Cutchin says he’s into faeries, he really, really means it.


His two previous books A Trojan Feast and The Brimstone Deceit explored the many parallels between Celtic folklore and modern reports of encounters with humanoids, in relation to exchange of foodstuffs and odors perceived by the witness. His upcoming book Thieves in the Night will go even further into unraveling the links between the ancient legends of faerie changelings and how they relate to contemporary narratives of alien abductions and alleged human hybridization programs.

Which is why the trip to Ireland he and his wife made last year was a long-cherished dream come true. In this short video Josh shows some of the ancient sites and fairy forts –locations traditionally revered and believed to be inhabited by the good folk– he managed to visit during his stay on the Emerald Isle.

Here’s hoping some producer will find this video and hires Josh to create a proper travelogue TV series, where he could retrace the steps of Walter Evans Wentz and find many other sites in the Celtic countries where the faerie tradition still manages to survive in our days –maybe he’d hire the services of some Mexican staffer willing to carry his bags for him, and leave pieces of bread at the foot of some centennial fairy tree…

You can find more about Josh’s work at his personal website. He’s also a regular guest –along with yours truly– at the roundtables organized by Seriah Azkath in Where did the Road Go?

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