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Them Old Ways Never Died: Interview with Joshua Cutchin

Them Old Ways Never Died: Video Interview with Author Joshua Cutchin

Today, August 28th, is the official worldwide release of Joshua Cutchin’s debut novel Them Old Ways Never Died on Amazon (both in paperback and Kindle). And as a special treat for our readers, Greg and I recorded a video interview with Josh a few days ago:

In this interview —which Greg let me lead given my long history with Josh— we tried to not only talk about the book as much as we could without giving any spoilers away, but we also discussed some of Joshua’s roots as a paranormal thinker, along with some of his views with regards to the modern UFO scene which seems to be stubbornly stuck on a 1950’s sci-fi paradigm of metal craft and government conspiracies.

Hope you enjoy this discussion with one of my favorite persons in the Fortean scene as much as Greg and I did. If you haven’t done so, please subscribe to our Youtube channel and give us a like —also, let us know in a comment who you would like us to interview next time.

Oh, and if you’re interested in acquiring a signed copy of TOWND, you can send an email to Joshua’s address (

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