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Hallucinogenic Music Video by Bjork

Björk’s New Music Video Looks Like it was Double-Dipped in DMT

Icelandic singer Björk has a new album coming out in November (Utopia), and the music video for the first single that has just been released has so much multi-dimensional geometric space fairy vibe happening in it you’d swear they double-dipped it in DMT before releasing it:

For the first release from her forthcoming new album, co-produced by Arca, Björk has teamed up with a super-troupe of contributors to create a hallucinogenic new video. Artist Andrew Thomas Huang lends his tech-savvy hand to envision a kaleidoscopic world inhabited by the singer-songwriter, who is clad in an iridescent otherworldly garment designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele.

Björk herself says ‘The Gate’ is “essentially a love song, but I say ‘love’ in a more transcendent way…it’s about rediscovering love—but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word.”

(h/t Boing Boing)

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