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Robert Bigelow

Billionaire Robert Bigelow Tells 60 Minutes There is “an Existing Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth”

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In recent years Robert ‘Bob’ Bigelow has become a major player in the fledgling commercial space industry, most notably through Bigelow Aerospace’s development of inflatable space modules that have since been tested at the International Space Station. Bigelow Aerospace was made possibly by Bigelow’s extraordinary success as the entrepreneur who created the hotel chain Budget Suites of America. But before Bigelow became big in extraterrestrial accomodation, he was interested in other extraterrestrial matters: namely, the possibility that aliens had visited – and to this day are still present on – Earth.

Back in the day, Bigelow funded the National Institute of Discovery Studies (NIDS), devoted to studying ‘out-there’ phenomenon in a scientific manner (at one time purchasing the legendary ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ outright in order to investigate the odd sightings reported there), and later (controversially) provided financial backing to the Mutual UFO network (MUFON) for field investigators, in return for access to the organization’s data. (We’ve mentioned Bigelow many times here over the years, along with NIDS.)

But if anybody thought Bob Bigelow might be leaving UFOs and the paranormal behind in a bid for respectability, think again. In an interview this week with 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan, Bigelow came right out and nailed his colours to the mast.

Lara Logan: Do you believe in aliens?

Robert Bigelow: I’m absolutely convinced. That’s all there is to it.

Lara Logan: Do you also believe that UFOs have come to Earth?

Robert Bigelow: There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence. And I spent millions and millions and millions — I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.

Logan, surprised by this up-front revelation, pushed Bigelow, asking him if he thought it was risky for him – as a high-profile businessman, and CEO in the commercial space industry – to say publicly that he believed in aliens. I looooove Bigelow’s response: “I don’t give a damn. I don’t care.”

Lara Logan: You don’t worry that some people will say, “Did you hear that guy, he sounds like he’s crazy”?

Robert Bigelow: I don’t care.

Lara Logan: Why not?

Robert Bigelow: It’s not gonna make a difference. It’s not gonna change reality of what I know.

Lara Logan: Do you imagine that in our space travels we will encounter other forms of intelligent life?

Robert Bigelow: You don’t have to go anywhere.

Lara Logan: You can find it here? Where exactly?

Robert Bigelow: It’s just like right under people’s noses. Oh my gosh. Wow.

Bigelow Aerospace's Alien Logo

Link: Robert Bigelow interviewed by 60 Minutes

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  1. Bigelow’s Bungalows
    He wouldn’t talk to Jesse Ventura, but he will indulge Lara Logan. Hmmm.

    I suppose his extraterrestrial accommodations are not exactly “budget class” (haha).

    Anyway, kudos to the entrepreneurs who have taken the money they’ve made from more mundane businesses and used it to pursue grander challenges! (As opposed to all the blue bloods out there that just bury their money in tax shelters.)

    1. Blue Beam?
      Cannot help but point out Dr. Stephen Greer’s recent claims that plans for a false-flag invasion are being fast tracked and thusly so is the counter-strike that is his Disclosure Project.

      Not to give credence to Greer’s claims, but they may explain Bigelow speaking up.

  2. That’s huge. He’s not
    That’s huge. He’s not someone hawking a book or seeking fame. Part of a false flag ops? Maybe the gov will do a false flag, but that doesn’t undermine the reality of an ET presence, if one exists. Same as if 911 was false flag, terrorism still existed before and after 911. Bigelow critics accused him of consuming all the ufo data to cover it up. Now it seems he just uncovered it.

    Something is coming – Delong alleged disclosure, now this, the widening divide between political parties, decay of social sensibilities and expression of outright hostility, Fukushima polluting unabatedly poisoning the oceans, North Korea, etc… Something big is coming or needed, whether choreographed by government as false flag or not, whether constructive or destructive, it is coming…

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