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Loren Coleman

Help Cryptozoology Legend Loren Coleman Get Back on His Feet

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman is one of the few ‘living legends’ of Fortean studies – he’s been involved in research on Bigfoot and other beasties for over five decades(!!) now. But he’s currently in need of some assistance: like many other Fortean researchers before him, Loren’s ‘career choice’ has left him in a precarious financial position, and a number of medical procedures in recent years have thrown up major hurdles – both health-related, and money-wise as well.

So I’m encouraging all Grailers with an interest in Forteana to head over to this GoFundMe page and drop a few dollars in the can to help Loren out. We have enough readers here to make a real difference, if we get off our asses.

Like many older cryptozoology & Fortean authors/television personalities, embarrassed finances is not uncommon. Love and support has been there during my six operations during the last four years. My wife has been a savior, not working to take care of me. But realistically, unpaid medical and dental bills have caused definite challenges, lawyer-court involvements now, and troubles ahead without some donations to find a way back to fiscal stability and out of this health-caused crisis. I can’t pay the bills on Social Security. I’m falling behind and have lost time with all the health issues. Please assist with large and small donations to bring a less stressful time to bear, to help pay off these old medical bills, so I can write and share widely again. Thanks to my fans. ~ Loren Coleman, 69

Link: Contribute to Loren Coleman’s Medical Fund

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