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News Briefs 07-09-2016

Something for nothing

  • Prehistoric Cochno stone to be unearthed for first time since 1965 burial next to Glaswegian housing estate.
  • Everyone’s a little bit crazy: Schizotypy and strange phenomena.
  • ‘Bad trips’ from magic mushrooms often result in an improved sense of personal well-being.
  • How do we get something from nothing? The bridge from nowhere.
  • Tromp family: The mystery of a tech-free road trip gone wrong.
  • Consciousness is made of atoms, too.
  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones boasts about advising Donald Trump.
  • Mummified body found on Mexico’s highest mountain goes on display.
  • An edifice worthy of the pharaohs rises next to the pyramids.
  • Brown dwarfs hiding in plain sight in our solar neighbourhood.
  • Scientists predict the existence of a new boson: New Madala boson might assist in the understanding of dark matter.
  • All of Earth’s carbon came from planetary collision 4.4 billion years ago.
  • Are animals conscious?
  • 3.7-billion-year-old fossils may be the oldest signs of life on Earth.

Quote of the Day:

The question of being is the darkest in all philosophy

William James

  1. Alex Jones
    Alex Jones is one of the biggest pieces of shit in humanity. This article does little to surprise me. I still get pissed off that four days after the Sandy Hook shootings where all those children died he had the balls to say it was a media conspiracy.

    To the guy who commented under the article that 45% of Americans support him, that’s white Americans. Minorities (bit of irony here) far outnumber whites on this vote.

    I fear for my country if we end up voting Trump into the White House. I have friends who are voting for him for their own selfish reasons and not thinking of the big picture. It’s disgusting when common sense takes a look in the mirror and commits suicide.

    1. Animal Consciousness
      The Pawnee, OK earthquake was felt very emphatically here in Fayetteville, AR at our house, but more interesting was our Border Collie’s response which appeared to unfold about 30 minutes before the quake actually hit. My wife and I had been lolling a’bed in half sleep early that fateful morning when our dog Bonnie suddenly jumped up onto the covers in a manner that made us think a thunderstorm must be off in the distance which she, in her usual way, could hear long before we could and was therefore taking her predictable refuge in our bed burrowed in a close to us as she could get without penetrating our skin. We steeled ourselves for what would typically follow as the storm came nearer – Bonnie would contrive to figure out how to climb down our throats; but in this instance, without an approaching thunderstorm, she just stayed close and tense. In due time, the shockwave from the earthquake arrived and gave us the jolt.

      We have all heard of animals anticipating earthquakes, but for it to be our animal was kind of thrilling.
      Since there had been no thunderstorm, my first thought was that perhaps there had been a gradual vibrational buildup to the quake, and that Bonnie with her heightened canine senses had heard/felt that, but looking at the seismograph of the quake I see that it began quite abruptly with no seismic preamble, so what Bonnie reacted to was something much more obscure – perhaps radio waves or plasma generated microwaves emitted from the fault as its maximum stress-point was being approached, or perhaps something more supranormal.

      Point being that the animal world has “consciousness” of things beyond the purview of average human consciousness. That consciousness may or not be what could be called “self-aware,” but it can and does induce the animal to take actions of self-interest.

      1. Animals and earthquakes
        About 3 or 4 years ago New Jersey had a 5.5 magnitude earthquake that many of us felt. I had a hermit crab at the time (don’t laugh, he was the size of a softball and lived a total of 14 years) and I notice that he was very agitated. Since I let the big one out occasionally to walk around my room for exercise, he managed to scale a shelf about 4 feet off the ground. He very rarely climbed so I equated this with the earthquake since he came down after it was over.

  2. None Dare Call It Conspiracy
    Re: Jones advising Trump.

    I’d love to know who advised Hillary to promote the conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian agent.

    “It’s a very sort of disturbing strategy that not is just disturbing in and of itself, but that will have enduring consequences in the likely event that Hillary Clinton wins, because when you constantly inflame the public by telling them that Russia is this enemy, that they have domestic agents operating in the US, namely anyone who is a critic of the Clinton campaign,” journalist Glenn Greenwald said on Democracy Now, “That’s going to have lots of long-term implications in terms of how the US government treats Russia, how the American media and the American people are going to expect the US government to react to Russia and how much dissent and criticism is going to be allowed without people being accused of being agents of the Kremlin.”

    1. None Dare Call It Intelligence
      Am I the only one that was expecting the entire von Trump clan to go up on stage and sing the Sound of Music?

      As much as I’d like to see what Slick Willie could do as “First Hubby,” I’ve just got to say no to the Clintons spending four (or more) more years in the White House.

      So …. I’m either gonna vote for Trump or Chumlee. Still undecided!

      1. Both Sides Now
        Pat Paulsen – 1968 Presidential Campaign

        “Rows and flows of angel hair
        And ice cream castles in the air and feather canyons everywhere
        I’ve looked at clouds that way
        But now they only block the sun, they rain and they snow on everyone
        So many things I would have done but clouds got in my way

        I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
        From up and down and still somehow it’s cloud illusions that I recall
        I really don’t know clouds at all

        Moons and Junes and ferris wheels
        The dizzy dancing way you feel as every fairy tale comes real
        I’ve looked at love that way once upon a time
        But now it’s just another show, you leave ’em laughing when you go
        And if you care don’t let them know, know, don’t give yourself away

        I’ve looked at love from both sides now
        From give and take and still somehow it’s love’s illusions that I recall

        I really don’t know what love’s about at all

        Tears and fears and feelin’ proud
        To say to someone I love you right out loud
        Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
        I’ve looked at life that way, sometimes I still do
        Now old friends are acting strange
        They shake their heads and they tell me that I have changed, yes I have
        Something’s lost but something’s gained in livin’ every day

        I’ve looked at love from both sides now
        From up and down and give and take
        From win and lose and still somehow it’s love’s illusions that I recall
        I really don’t know, I really don’t know.”

        Joni Mitchell

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