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Okay folks, we need your help. We’ve been doing this for almost 18 years – posting daily news briefs, writing fascinating articles, posting cool interviews. But we’re out of gas.

For almost two decades we’ve been doing this out of love for the topics, drawing on our own reserves of time and money (with a little help from you guys a few times – thanks!). And we’ve created something pretty damn special. But lately, it’s been getting tougher. The site needs a redesign, and needs to be more easily readable on mobile devices. We need more writers. We need the time to create great content.

As such, we’re calling in the favours. First, we’re asking *you*, the reader, to consider becoming a paying ‘Patron’ of the site. It’s super-simple to do, and you can pay as little as $1 per month. Head to our Patreon page and sign up with a few simple clicks – a small investment of your time and money will make a massive difference to the future of The Daily Grail – and you might even get something cool in return.

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Given we have almost 10,000 daily readers, $1 each would make this site instantly viable – though in reality, only a small percentage will actually take the time to help out. So offer what you can, based on the value you get out of the site, and we will give you all our love. If we get enough support, we might even be able to add new features (did somebody say podcast?).

But note: you don’t necessarily have to give us money to be considered a friend. We understand that money can be tight (though $1/month is surely in most people’s reach) – see here for other ways in which you can help us out.

Note too, that if you don’t support us in any way, the site will remain completely accessible to you. Just be aware, without support, we will not survive into the future.

Not only are we super-thankful for any support you can offer – financial or not – we also want to give back if we can (beyond just giving you a great website). We’ve mentioned some of these at our Patreon page. But also, as a ‘Friend of the Grail‘, we want to do more.

Luckily, we’ve got some good friends in high place, so we’ve been able to assemble a bunch of awesome stuff – including (but not limited to) a signed Tool poster, a copy of the Black Dossier League of Extraordinary Gentlemen signed by Alan Moore, signed Darklores, Jacques Vallee’s

Passport to Magonia – that we’ll be giving away to randomly selected ‘Friends of the Grail’ in coming months. Unfortunately, we can’t give one away to every supporter – but we’ll try and assemble enough cool items that we can keep giving you a chance to be a winner.

Massive thanks and appreciation to all who take the time to support the Grail!

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