News Briefs 29-02-2016

Happy Leap Day all, most especially to parapsychologist Dr Dean Radin, who celebrates his 16th birthday today!

Quote of the Day:

It could be argued that when science and magic were first separated, each lost something vital: science gave up its ability to address any kind of inner world, while magic to a certain extent would seem to have forfeited much of its intellectual discrimination. As outlined above, a reintegration of these divorced areas of human consideration would, I feel, be of great benefit to all parties concerned.

Alan Moore

  1. news
    Dean Radin: Aww you can’t vote or drink yet. Do you need someone to pick you up from school today? 😛

    High-pitched noise: *stupidly clicks on video* GAAAAAAH MY FUCKING EARS!!!!! SHIT WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN US!!!! *throws headphones across the room* *can hear dogs barking next door*

    Unicorn: I get that she’s a little girl and it’s cute but please tell me they aren’t going to keep the horn on all the time. She needs to understand that a real horse is her pet. Maybe it ran away out of humiliation.

  2. Unis’s Pyramid Texts
    I am just gonna leave this here:

    Translation of Utterance 313/218

    Mercer (1952) translation:
    ​502a. To say: The phallus of Bȝ-bii [i.e. Babi, the baboon sky god] is drawn; the double doors of heaven are opened.
    502b. The double doors of heaven are locked; the way goes over the flames under that which the gods create,
    503a. which allows each Horus to glide through, in which N. will glide through, in this flame under that which the gods create.
    503b. They make a way for N., that N. may pass by it. N. is a Horus.

    Allen (2005) Translation:
    Pull back, Baboon’s penis! Open, [sky’s door!
    You sealed the door, open a path for Unis] on the blast of heat where the gods scoop water.
    Horus’s glide path–TWICE–will Unis glide on, in this blast of heat where the gods scoop water, and they will make a path for Unis that Unis may pass on it: Unis is Horus.​

    Susan Brind Morrow “Translation”:
    The sword of Orion opens the doors of the sky.
    Before the doors close again the gate to the path
    over the fire, beneath the holy ones as they grow dark
    As a falcon flies as a falcon flies, may Unis rise into this fire
    Beneath the holy ones as they grow dark.
    They make a path for Unis, Unis takes the path,
    Unis becomes the falcon star, Sirius.


    1. Re-Creating Unas
      The following is commentary on this passage in Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts, p 301.

      “The west wall begins with utterance 313, in which the baboon god, Babi, is commanded to ‘draw back the bolt’ so that the double doors of the sky open for Unas. Babi is a fierce guardian spirit who has a great phallus (in some texts identified with the door bolt), red ears, and purple buttocks, and lives on the entrails of ‘the old ones.’ The energy of Babi is Sethian, to be treated with caution and respect, for it is primal energy, both sexual and potentially violent. When Babi draws back the bolt, the way forward is through fire. Only Horus, the divinized human being, can find a path through the flames of which Babi is the guardian spirit, and in this utterance Unas is decisively identified with Horus.”

      For me, this passage evokes comparison with Geb, who was represented as the constellation of Cygnus, and shown with erect phallus under the “vulva” of Nut, who in turn represented the Milky Way. This is one of the most active star creation regions in the galaxy. Orion is another such star nursery.

      Babi (a.k.a. Baba) is considered an epithet of Set the murderer of Osiris and persecutor of Horus. Babi has to “withdraw his phallus,” which suggests he has to stop being procreative, at least long enough for Unas to make his journey of rebirth over the flames of stellar creation.

      Babi’s feeding on the “entrails of the old ones” suggests the guts of exploded stars, which are recycled into the birth of new stars.

      The typecasting of Unas in life was as a neo-Minh/Pan figure, that is, a prodigious copulator. So perhaps it is not surprising that he wants to fly off and be reborn as a galactic inseminator in his afterlife. It doesn’t seem obvious though that Sirius would be his intended destination.

      It’s interesting that Babylon was also called “The Gate of the Gods.”

      P.S. The constellation of Set was Draco and that of Horus the Elder was Ursa Minor, which is the northernmost constellation from the perspective of Earth’s ecliptic. Unas was probably fixated on those “imperishable stars” of the north rather than Sirius, which is “extinguished” part of the year. The winding/serpentine constellation of Draco was perhaps seen as obstructing the path of Unas toward the stellar domain of Horus the Elder.

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