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'The Face on Mars' in a 1959 Comic Book

1959 Comic Featured ‘The Face on Mars’ – 17 Years Before a NASA Probe’s Famous Photo

Here’s your daily dose of weird: Almost four decades ago a strange photograph was taken of Mars by the Viking 1 space probe, which appeared to show a massive humanoid-looking face carved into the Red Planet’s landscape, staring back at the orbiter’s lens. The so-called ‘Face on Mars‘ would go on to become a fixture in theories about extraterrestrial alien life, though later more high-resolution photographs of the region had NASA dashing thoughts of it being an artificial creation.

Interestingly though, the idea of a ‘Face on Mars’ was already present in popular culture, through a 1959 comic book illustrated by the great Jack Kirby – 17 years before the Viking photograph. And the weirdness doesn’t end there – see this fun article at the Secret Sun blog to go right down the rabbit hole…

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  1. There is a Viewmaster reel
    There is a Viewmaster reel set of Tom Corbet, Space Cadet that was produced in the early 1960s that involves pyramids on Mars, the asteroid belt as a shattered planet, anti gravity devices and reptoid creatures and holographic messages. Despite being a popular tv show, it was the only viewmaster of Corbet ever produced I had the set originally. And repurchased it on ebay because i had to see if my memories were accurate. Yes, it shows the existence of an ancient and advanced culture on the red planet. Later i discovered that Richard Haogland has it on his enterprise site, under the discussion what did they know and when did they know it? He presents information also involving bases on the dark side of the moon, Von Braun and Disney connections. Its very curious that this information was in the popular culture long before NASA released these pictures and seems to imply it was known well before.

    At a remote viewing class at Monroe Institute which i attended, Joe McMoneagle spoke of being tasked with the City on Mars as an r/v target by JPL, which had a drawerfull of photos labeled the ruined city. I pressed him about who had tasked the city, and had a bizarre reaction from the class and Joe. My asking the most obvious question really flipped them out for some reason Despite finding out later that Joe had already published his r/v results of the site in one of his books….there was something that scared them about discussing this topic.

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