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Bin Laden's Bookshelf

Osama Bin Laden’s Bookshelf: MK-ULTRA, the Illuminati, Manly Hall’s ‘Secret Teachings of all Ages’, and 9/11 Conspiracy Literature

The U.S. Government this week released a list of the books and documents that were found on Osama Bin Laden’s ‘bookshelf’ (a number were actually digital) when special forces soldiers killed the terrorist leader at his Pakistan hideout in 2011.

Surprisingly, among the 39 English-language books in Bin Laden’s possession were a number of 9/11 conspiracy books and other books about powerful secret cabals, including:

Also in this tranche of documents was a webpage discussing how game designer Steven Jackson (the American one, not the British one) seemed to have predicted the Twin Towers catastrophe in his game Illuminati: New World Order (which took its inspiration from the Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shae). Not to mention also in OBL’s collection were documents about the CIA’s ‘mind control’ project MK-ULTRA!

Perhaps the book that surprised me most to see was Manly P. Hall’s classic of esoterica, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, the content of which seems very much at odds with Al-Qaeda’s terrorist agenda. Perhaps Bin Laden’s interest was simply in the chapter on Islam, in which Mohammed is described as having “a knowledge of that secret doctrine which must needs constitute the core of every great philosophical, religious, or ethical institution”. Or was his interest once again in the idea of secret groups steering history and religion from behind the scenes?

What do we make of all this? Basically, we have the (alleged?) mastermind behind 9/11, reading about how his attack was predicted before it happened in a game about the Illuminati; reading Manly Hall’s masterwork about secret teachings and esoteric societies; reading other books about the Illuminati and powerful secret cabals; and also reading 9/11 ‘truther’ material about how *he* didn’t actually commit the crime!

Was he simply fascinated by the weird things people saw in the attack? Was he wondering how to take advantage of the multiple mythoses growing around 9/11 and the Bush ‘New World Order’? Was he just setting us all up for a massive troll when he did eventually get caught? Or did he not actually do it and thought it may truly have been an Illuminati conspiracy?

How deep does this rabbit hole get?!

Link: Bin Laden’s Bookshelf

  1. Suddenly, CONSPIRACIES!!!
    Now all the crack pots are going to think that this is proof of Manly Hall’s evil, which is sad and awful. But then again this doesn’t surprise me. If you crawled out from under a rock and didn’t know who Hitler was, he would sound like a really inspirational nice fellow if you left out the part about killing millions of people. Whatever you want to say about Bin Laden, you can’t argue against the fact the he was well learned. Most “bad guys” are and have quite an extensive library. It’s just too bad they take it out of context or never learn from it. Have you ever sat down and thought how great these men would have been if they didn’t commit genocide and helped their people?

      1. LMAO
        what the heck? I’m sorry maybe I should have taken this more seriously but I found myself laughing after a few minutes of this. My god, I wish I had that much time on my hands.

        1. Did you watch it to the end?
          Did you watch it to the end? It’s the second half that is the clincher.
          If anybody has too much free time on their hands it is the psychopathic jerks who inflicted this utterly dastardly op on the USA.

  2. they’re preaching to the choir
    There’s a need for skepticism regarding the Osama bin Laden raid.

    I was doubtful from the start since video of OBL’s assassination was never released, yet video of gorier deaths in the name of America’s mideast involvment have been shared everywhere online. The only legitimate, critical voice is Seymour Hersh’s article at the London Review of Books.

    Read it, compare it to the official narrative stumped by the USA’s current administration.

    Look at the list of books found in OBL’s apartment/cell. Most of them are straight out of most conspiracists’s libraries and wet dreams, playing into confirmation biases, and drawing attention away from the events of May 2, 2011.

    1. Agreed
      [quote=tobadzistsini]There’s a need for skepticism regarding the Osama bin Laden raid.

      I was doubtful from the start since video of OBL’s assassination was never released, yet video of gorier deaths in the name of America’s mideast involvment have been shared everywhere online. The only legitimate, critical voice is Seymour Hersh’s article at the London Review of Books.

      Read it, compare it to the official narrative stumped by the USA’s current administration.[/quote]

      I’ve always shared this skepticism. From the start I couldn’t imagine a scenario where special forces would simply shoot OBL on first sight, given the intel that he could obviously offer them (if he was everything he was said to be). Never has really passed my sniff test, I would have thought killing him would be an absolute last resort.

      Then to quickly ‘bury him at sea’ straight after killing him. Hrrrmmmm….

      [quote]Look at the list of books found in OBL’s apartment/cell. Most of them are straight out of most conspiracists’s libraries and wet dreams, playing into confirmation biases, and drawing attention away from the events of May 2, 2011.[/quote]

      Yeah, I probably should have mentioned a bit more here that skepticism is deserved. Any time government agencies – especially the ones involved here – voluntarily give up some information to the public, the first question should be “what do they have to gain from doing so”. On the other hand, I’m not sure bringing attention to 9/11 conspiracies is something that they would intentionally do…probably something they’d rather quietly went away.

  3. Reality?
    Nice one Emlong, that vid really had me thinking maybe we are in the Matrix, under somethings Microscope, or creating reality (Quantum Mechanics?) as for the predictive and or Time travel idea, I’m a bit more skeptical but still open minded.

    As for OBL’s “Library” I totally agree with tobadzistsini’s assessment but I think Seymour Hersh’s article does not really tell the whole tale, though I do have to give him credit for at least peering into that rabbit hole.

    The one story that I have found which makes sense to me on this whole OBL rigamarole can be found (Fair Warning, conspiratorial page:D) here: I still have some questions pertaining to this versions evidence and to some broken source links of which I plan to write the webmaster about (he normally has excellent sourced links) but in essence it rings true for me.

  4. Ketcham & Shea, Grains of Salt
    I was working in my client’s high rise apartment building in downtown Boston on 9/11. From this apartment, you could see the runways of Logan Airport from some windows.

    For the first time ever, my client’s cellphone network was down; I couldn’t reach him, preventing me from doing what I was supposed to be doing. Instead, I cruised the web, seeing an item about a horrible accident in NYC — an airliner from Logan had crashed into one of the towers.

    I turned on my client’s giant CRT-type TV and discovered this was no accident; then the governor came on, advising anyone in a high rise building in downtown Boston to evacuate. Looking down at the street far below, I saw the commuter army marching out of the city but long before the usual marching time.

    I joined them, experiencing a 3rd-chakra/gut sensation that was new and different — a shared fear that I imagine herds of cattle sometimes feel.

    Initially, I accepted the explanations offered by the U.S. government, despite having lived through the LBJ/Nixon era and knowing better — governments often obfuscate and lie; in fact, this is rather common.

    An odd “psychic” experience was one factor that led me to reconsider; another was the full court media press the Bush administration put on, later, concerning WMD in Iraq. Was it possible that some component within that administration had engineered 9/11 to manipulate the public, such that it would assent to its subsequent invasions?

    The “psychic” experience involved Bin Laden. I’d been thinking of him when, without warning, I briefly felt mentally connected to him. The way my mind translated this was for me to perceive an image of his face as he said, to me, “Dupe!”

    This was jarring, but we live in a world in which so called objective fact is valued — there may have been some validity to this experience, but it was certainly not in the realm of objective fact. All it did was begin to arouse my suspicion.

    It was clear, in endless on-line debates, that the two opposed sides were most often doing no more than expressing their beliefs about 9/11; neither was impartial, although there was a growing list of odd items that were either strung together by one side or dismissed by the other. Material evidence had been rapidly classified or destroyed, including steel from the buildings and even videos from surveillance cameras that had been pointed at the Pentagon (what possible reason might the authorities have had for doing that?) Gag orders were put on various personalities who claimed knowledge that things hadn’t happened quite the way they’d been portrayed, and they were made to seem as lunatics.

    More odd items came to light — television footage that, in some cases, contradicted the official line or supported various so called conspiracy theories.

    A police detective or good reporter is a “conspiracy theorist,” coming up with scenarios to explain the possible collusion of two or more people who commit a crime and conspire to cover it up then attempting to prove or disprove them, but in the climate that existed, few if any police detectives or good reporters seemed to be on the case. If 9/11 was actually an engineered event, those who most loudly believed this to be so were quickly swallowed up in the “conspiracy theorist” ridiculing that even PBS commentators engaged in.

    No Woodward, no Bernstein materialized, but then unlike the Watergate burglary, 3,000 U.S. citizens had died — had anyone other than the alleged perpetrators been involved, they would have faced the death penalty had they been found out. This was a very different situation.

    Over the years I looked through the growing list of oddities (or coincidences, depending on your beliefs) and for anything else of interest.

    Was there anything at all — aside from the mysterious collapse of W7 and some of the other known oddities, such as the confiscation of surveillance tapes, the deliberate destruction of Logan’s air traffic control tapes, the scheduling of war games on 9/11, to name a few — that could be considered factual, offered by credible personalities or sources?

    There was the Gerald Shea Memo and Christopher Ketcham’s related article, but like so much else, all these did was to raise more unanswered questions.

    If 9/11 was an engineered event, we may never know — that is, “know” in the sense of corroborated, journalistic fact, just as we may never know if the bookshelf of Bin Laden was as has been described.

  5. who would believe the government?
    personally I would never believe anything from usg or usg controlled media. Sometimes I have to wonder what is going on here at daily grail. This story is propaganda nothing more nothing less. it is based on lies and media manipulation.

  6. TDG tasks itself at least
    TDG tasks itself at least partially with provoking thought which means it often offers up subjects over which it exerts no editorial tendentiousness – that’s up to the readers of the site.

    I agree with many commenters here – there is no trustworthy “official” narrative about bin Laden. If he was indeed in Pakistan it had to be known for years given the CIA’s long affiliation with Pakistani Intelligence. OBL would then be “kept on ice” so to speak to be trotted out and assassinated at some geopolitically expedient moment. His body may have literally been kept on ice.
    He has become the poster child for elaborate false flag attacks and was himself as much a victim of a set up as the alleged pilots of the 9/11 planes who were far too inept as pilots to have flown the jets as described.

  7. Really? no shit?

    On a side note; Personally I like coming to TDG
    to escape all the conspiracy sites I usually visit to keep informed of what the hell is really going on in the world, I don’t trust any of what the MSM has to say, problem is that IMO ignorance really is bliss and with all the crap that is really going down it becomes anti-bliss? and just gets too much for my tiny head to take, when that feeling becomes overwhelming I need to “escape!” to a safe haven which for me is TDG, where the info is still brain food yet in comparison not nearly as frightening, and I pray
    it stays that way.
    In retrospect I think man is his own enemy, we tend to screw things up out of ignorance, greed, Ego, and likely a lot more I can’t think of right now but I think you all know what they are, and I think the process is exacerbated by both the Physical/Material as well as the “Mental” aspects of our being, many people literally Pray for and invest physically for armageddon to happen ASAP so they can live in their perfectly promised world 🙁 When in reality what really needs to happen is for mankind to grow up! open our eyes to the beauty home we have (Earth), and the infinite possibilities of mans being (alive and aware)to live with it and not destroy or corrupt it, as we have.
    We need to treat each other as we would want to be treated (do unto others, u kno?) and the same goes for our home 🙂 Idealist you think?..yeah oh well so sue me 😀
    sry 4 teh long rant CNCMS! and watched “Dances with Wolves” last night; I am John Dunbar.
    Oh and BTW IMHO u folks here @ TDG R teh BOMB 🙂

  8. Bin Laden died before 9/11
    I would have thought it pretty obvious. The reason he apparently had those books on his bookshelf is to stigmatise “conspiracy theorists” as terrorists. Guilt by association. There are already numerous bills being put forward by various politicians to allow litigious actions against “conspiracy theorists”.

    There are reports from eye-witnesses seeing Bin Laden enter a CIA controlled hospital in Dubai in July 2001 never to re-emerge. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, stated publicly on November 2 2007 that Bin Laden was dead and had been murdered years ago. On December 27th, less than 2 months later she was assassinated.

    Additionally, numerous eye-witnesses in the town where the “raid” on “Bin Laden’s hideout” took place stated that the first helicopter to arrive didn’t even land and that there was no raid. Later the SEAL team responsible for the “raid” have all died.

    You people need to understand that propaganda is not something the Germans were doing back in WW2. It’s something the Jewish run media has been doing all along.

    “Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.” Goebbels at Nuremberg – September 1934

    Nothing in the Western narrative of 9/11 adds up. The fact that Odigo messaging service was warning Jews to stay away from the World Trade Center on Sept 11 and that mossad agents, the so-called “Dancing Israelis”, admitted on Israeli TV that they were there to “document the event”, should be enough to make you at least a little suspicious of Jewish involvement in 9/11. When they were first apprehended they said to the police, “we are not your problem, your problem is our problem, the Palestinians are your problem”.

    Remember the footage on all the news stations showing Palestinians dancing in the street after news of the WTC towers being hit? Staged. Look it up. They were given cake and asked to dance in front of the cameras. Propaganda. Just like this trash story.

    If you believe Bin Laden had those books on his shelves, or even that those bookshelves existed at all, you’re part of the problem with this world.

    1. Agreed on all points, but I’d
      Agreed on all points, but I’d rather not use the term “jewish” to describe some of the main perps. There are many jews well aware of Israeli intelligence service involvement in 9/11 and who are disgusted by all of it. One can no more blame white supremacy on “caucasians” just because the Ku Klux Klan is almost exclusively white caucasian than one can blame 9/11 on the “jews” just because a cabal of “greater Israel” zionists had the gall to stage 9/11.

      It should also be reiterated that 9/11 would not have happened had not certain elements within the USA military/industrial complex not been complicit enablers and gate keepers. There were plenty of WASP’s involved as well.

      1. Zionism
        Too true Emlong, you can not generalize and lump together all Jews and the same goes for all; Blacks, Asians, Caucasians, etc. The problem is Zionism, and there are Christian Zionists (Hoping for the 2nd coming) as well as Jewish Zionists.

        “The Zionist armies that now occupy Palestine claim their ancient Jewish prophets predicted that in the “last days of this world” their own God would raise them up a “messiah” who would lead them to their promised land, and they would set up their own “divine” government in this newly-gained land, this “divine” government would enable them to “rule all other nations with a rod of iron.”
        -Malcolm X on Zionism-

        Below are some links about Zionism from Jewish groups that are opposed to it.

        And no, Nutty-yahoo is not the Messiah TYVM.

      2. Not really Jewish
        Point acknowledged Emlong. The ideology stems from kabbalistic Babylonian Talmudism which was used as a basis to create the patriarchal religions and henceforth subvert them. The Talmud was used as the basis for the codification of communism in the Soviet Union which was the foundation of the Bolshevik revolution. Under this rule somewhere in the vicinity of 61 million white Christians were killed or thrown into gulags for crimes such as “anti-semitism”. To question communism was “anti-semitic” since communism itself was codified “Judaism” and “anti-semitism” was illegal. It really irks me when I see so many people these days quickly accuse others of anti-semitism just for pointing out such facts about the “Jewish” role in running the slave trade, their many attempts at genocide like in Russia, The Holodomor, Armenia, Turkey and of course Germany. You never know when similar laws get reinstated.

        It is ok however to completely vilify white people on the basis of complete lies. Slavery in the USA is a good example. The slave trade was entirely run by “Jews”, every slave ship was “Jewish” owned and their crews were “Jewish”. Only wealthy land owners could afford to “own” slaves and again 95% of slave owner were “Jews” since they were pretty much the only wealthy people in USA at the time. The media never ever show Jewish slave owners though. They also gloss over the fact that the USA population in those days was roughly 35% German and the German people were vehemently against slavery and racial segregation, just as they were in Germany. Don’t let that get in the way of the belief that the Germans had a racial supremacy ideology though, bad for shoah business 😉

        1. All races seem to have their
          All races seem to have their mafias, but the 9/11 stage piece crossed a big line. Actually it was the OKC bombing set up that crossed that line before.
          It behooves any self-respecting democracy to respond – legally, ethically, and morally.

    2. Ruh-roh
      [quote=mephisto_waltz]You people need to understand that propaganda is not something the Germans were doing back in WW2. It’s something the Jewish run media has been doing all along.

      …If you believe Bin Laden had those books on his shelves, or even that those bookshelves existed at all, you’re part of the problem with this world.[/quote]

      Based on your posts in this thread, I’m hoping you don’t have a ‘final solution’ to the problem…

      1. Tell you what Greg
        Find the documents that actually prove there was a final solution that existed beyond deportation to Madagascar. Historians hell bent on trying to find anything linking the NAZI regimen to the propagandised “final solution” have found nothing in either German or Russian archives that suggested murder or genocide was part of the agenda.

        The Jewish World Congress recorded in the World Almanac the results of their population census. In 1940 the total population of Jews was 15,319,359.

        In 1948 after the war the number is recorded as 15,713,638. The years from 1933 to 1948 rise concomitantly and consistently.

        While you’re at it, explain away the scientific axiom that all matter goes through 3 phases: solid, liquid, gas. The eye-witness reports of Nazi soldiers tipping canisters of Zyklon-B pellets, which are solid until heated above 32 degrees celcius, into the “gas chambers” from holes in the roof seem to disprove this commonly held scientific theory. Keep in mind, Poland in Winter is not exactly tropical heat.

        Then of course you have the problem of 6 million bodies being completely vaporised, leaving absolutely no trace whatsoever to be forensically examined. The only coroner reports were done by a US army Dr whose findings on the bodies he autopsied were death by malnutrition and Typhus. Ironically the Zyklon-B allegedly used to gas Jews was actually used to delouse clothing in proper gassing facilities just across the road from the Auschwitz work camp in an attempt to save prisoners… Look up what a proper German engineered gas chamber actually looked like. Hint: it doesn’t have a wooden door, windows and an unattached chimney like the replica “gas chamber” the Russians built at Auschwitz after the war. They were steel, very well manufactured gas chambers with proper safety features like locking mechanisms, release valves etc…

        You may also not be aware that the International Red Cross had stations at each of the work camps. They regularly inspected the camps and took quite detailed recordings of everything from the number of calories in the provided foods, provisions, rations and general treatment of the inmates. All reports from the IRC were positive wrt the German’s treatment of their prisoners. How did they manage to miss the 14,400 bodies being dragged into pits and burnt each day … as if that’s even possible? The IRC recorded the number of deaths in all work camps to be between 182,000 and 192,000. Most of these deaths were toward the end of the war when the Nazi supply lines had been destroyed and were largely attributed to malnutrition and typhus.

        Prior to the war even ending the magical 6million number was already being published in Jewish owned newspapers in the USA. How did they have this information before anyone even in Germany or Poland had absolutely any idea this was apparently going on?

        There is much more … unfortunately so many people like yourself are simply not interested and any mention of this subject immediately brings “anti-semite!!!” type reactions. The “Jews” of today are not Semites and even if they were it’s immaterial when weighing the facts. I am not racist, nor am I an advocate of genocide, quite the opposite. I want to stop it happening again AND IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

        It’s not a matter of me, or anyone else pointing these injustices out, as wanting a “final solution”. I’m probably the last person to raise a hand in anger. I am trying to point out the lies of WW2. IMO it’s a matter of great concern for the future that people are not aware of what WW1 and WW2 were even about and that we are facing far greater danger if WW3 becomes a reality. We can’t have a bright future if we base our reality on lies. Wouldn’t you agree? And why is it that good honest people like myself are stigmatised as evil murderers for wanting the truth??? The final solution is not necessarily one of violence, understanding is needed first, but that cannot happen without the truth.

  9. Moderator note
    We’ve covered this many times now at TDG, but I will again remind commenters: please do not make the mistake of talking about possible conspiratorial or political groups of people via generalisation to their ethnic, religious or national identity. Saying things like “Jews did this” or “Blacks did this” or “white people did this” is not only plain stupid, it treads well known paths of bigotry and can obviously cause offence (not to mention make the person saying it sound like a dick).

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