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Greetings, Surface-Dwellers! Underwater Robot’s Encounter with a Whale

When the crew of the Nautilus Live expedition were operating their ROV (named Hercules) 2000 feet below surface in the Gulf of Mexico, they were surprised to have an unexpected visitor: A sperm whale showing a lot of curiosity toward their mechanical avatar –all part of the customary sub-oceanic hospitality, I guess…

[Full-screen viewing at 1080p is highly recommended]

Now WHY can’t we have one of these gizmos at loch Ness, dammit??



  1. Deep sea Underwater Robot
    I suspect the Deep Sea Underwater Robot would be of limited use in Loch Ness simply because the deep waters of the loch are very peaty and visibility is limited. This has hampered numerous attempts to spot a beasty in the Loch.

  2. that moment when…
    your life, your job, everything is worth it. If I was on that team, I wouldn’t be able to speak and I would need a box of tissues for all the tears streaming down my face. A beautiful moment, but when the scientist said “The super sampler isssssDaheck is that?!” I LOLed 🙂

    1. Magic
      That must be awesome for a scientist, right? Those rare moments when Nature catches you completely off-guard, and you experience that sense of magical wonder; the same wonder that made you seek a career in Science in the first place, before you were worried with freaking ‘super samples’ 😉

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