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Georgia Guidestones 2014 Block

Georgia Guidestones Get a 2014 Update…Literally!

Conspiracy message boards have gone into overdrive with the revelation that the infamous Georgia Guidestones have a new addition: a mysterious niche at the top of one of the monoliths has been filled with a small cube/cornerstone with the numbers ’20’ and ’14’ carved into adjacent faces. Naturally, there has been some speculation on these messageboards that the block is a message – from the secret society behind the Guidestones – that the apocalypse supposedly predicted by the modern megaliths will occur this year.

As might be expected, the truth of the situation is difficult to pin down, although it may not necessarily involve Illuminati overlords. In 2013, the person who originally cut the notch out of the Guidestones (apparently on September 11, 2009) was apprehended by authorities upon returning to the site with two other men, with the missing granite cube in tow:

“Deputies got a call to go out there, and there was a gentleman there from Alabama that had the piece of granite that was taken almost four years ago”, said Investigator Darren Scarborough with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office. “Told the officers that he had it, and he had been out there in 2009 and took the small piece of granite off.”

Scarborough says the whole incident has the sheriff’s office scratching their heads a little bit.

“We don’t know what their intentions were with the piece of granite or why they were back out there late Friday night/early Saturday morning”, said Scarborough. “We have talked to the gentleman, who is in charge of the guidestones, and we have the piece of granite back, but we are not sure what will be done with it.”

So perhaps the ‘2014’ cube is simply an official replacement for the piece of stone that was cut out? Not so, according to this article. And in the comments, someone notes that they called Elbert county officials about the situation, and “was told that the 2014 cube was considered to be vandalism, and will be replaced with the actual missing piece”.

A strange situation, compounded by the sad news that the Guidestones were once again recently defaced with graffiti. For anybody buying into the ridiculous paranoia about the Guidestones being a threat from the Illuminati to exterminate a large proportion of the world’s population, make sure you read my Darklore essay on the traditions behind the monument, titled “Beyond the Apocalypse“.

(h/t Chris Skelton)


The cube has now been removed – and found to be engraved on every side (20, 14, 16, 8, MM, JAM). Here’s footage of the removal:

(Thanks to @Eastonwordsmith for the heads up.)

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  1. 500,000
    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on Earth that thinks the “Population should only stay at 500,000” is a good idea. It’s not suggesting we kill people, it’s common sense but because a majority of people reading it lack all matter of sense they think they Illuminati are out to get them. They’re the same people who read Dan Brown and think it’s gospel! Think of how much less pollution and problems we would have if the population was just a couple billion less! 500,000 doesn’t seem like a lot but it makes sense…to a point. I believe the carrying capacity for earth for humans is only a couple billion at the most. If we go back to before they were slaughtered by settlers, bison numbered as 4 billion animals in just the US and Canada. So how much people do you figure should live in just the US? One per dead bison? Now how many in the whole world? Even though 500,000 make sense it is unrealistic if you factor in that humans will never obey that rule…unless you have pubic cullings…which is not something I would ever wish to see. And yet we do it with animals where government regulated airplanes fly poison into entire bird flocks (sometimes over towns which makes for a sticky mess in the morning) and wipe out entire flocks to control numbers.

    1. Yup
      [quote=LastLoup]Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person on Earth that thinks the “Population should only stay at 500,000” is a good idea. It’s not suggesting we kill people, it’s common sense but because a majority of people reading it lack all matter of sense they think they Illuminati are out to get them.[/quote]

      While I’m sure you meant 500 million, not 500,000, this is something I keep trying to point out – notably, in my article ‘Beyond the Apocalypse’. The Guidestones aren’t directions on what to do now, they are instructions for post-apocalypse people on how not to make the same mistakes that caused the ills of the ‘current’ world. Just like the Masonic myths about instructional stones that were built to survive the Great Flood.

      1. I wonder if 500 million would
        I wonder if 500 million would be enough to keep things afloat technologically with current technology infrastructure. How about a neat little billion instead? Can you imagine a world that sparsely populated but still at current levels of technology? It would be a paradise.
        I remember when I was a child in the early 1960’s and the US had a population of around 180,000,000. That was a different feeling country with a sense that there was a true wildness not too far from home. I live in the Ozarks where that feeling is still somewhat intact but fading daily. Had we kept up that 1960’s level of human pollution though the US would now look like China ecologically.

        1. Human instinct
          With technology at today’s levels or better the population would climb quickly again. It is our technology, especially use of cheap oil, medicine and nutrition that has caused our numbers to rise exponentially. The only way to keep them down is if we allowed nature to take it’s course…much like it did in the stone age…no medicine, no tech outside of rudimentary tools etc. Of course this is impossible imo as the human mind and ambition would never settle for that.

          1. The overpopulation tendency
            The overpopulation tendency would be just as viable at 500,000,000. Any ideal planetary population level would have to be accompanied by a much more intelligent management of procreation such as out ET friends seem to have achieved.

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