News Briefs 17-06-2014

Oh, this must be Schrödinger’s house…

Quote of the Day:

I love the Pope, I love seeing him in his Pope-Mobile, his three feet of bullet proof plexi-glass. That’s faith in action folks! You know he’s got God on his side.

Bill Hicks

  1. moon phase and sleep, Chopra
    I have always been sleepless the night before full moon. Always. Also when not at all aware of phase of moon, but checked later on. I am never sleepless otherwise.

    That silly Chopra challenge is actually subject to research and the questions he quite badly formulates are actual research topics. I do not get it how that relates to skepticism. Also, those who could “explain” it, would receive the Nobel Prize and maybe really do not need the Chopra money. Funding such research costs btw. MUCH more than 1 mill $.

  2. Warp-Drive Reality
    Hi Grailers
    The NASA Warp-Drive starship design isn’t really a NASA design. Not exactly.

    Mark Rademaker, the Star Trek designer/artist behind it, has been working with NASA researcher, Harold ‘Sonny’ White, on the design. Mark was inspired by Sonny’s theoretical work on the warp-drive concept and, with Michael Okuda’s (also “Star Trek”) encouragement, has been refining the design for a couple of years. Sonny presented it to the attendees of Icarus Interstellar’s “Starship Congress” last year, but the Press has only just jumped on it as a “NASA design” in this last week. However the reality is that it’s Mark’s design visualisation, to help promote Sonny’s work – but not as part of an official NASA program or project.

    If it inspires more space research and awareness in the general public – and inspires the next generation of engineers and physicists to try to make it happen – then it will be a success.

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