Are Animals Psychic? Meet Jaytee, the Dog Who Knew When His Owner Was Coming Home

Readers of this site will probably be familiar with the controversy over Rupert Sheldrake’s research with ‘Jaytee’, a dog that seemed to know when his owner (Pam Smart) was coming home – regardless of when or how she set off on the journey (see the relevant papers here for the details of the research). I was interested to come across the video below by the Science Unit of ORF, Vienna, which shows a one-off test they conducted of Jaytee’s alleged ability:

For more on this topic, see Rupert Sheldrake’s book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home (Amazon US/Amazon UK).

  1. A Clash of Paradigms
    One regularly encounters skeptics in the media (or online) making the claim there’s never been a shred of evidence for psychic phenomena, so one would think experiments like this (and others like it) might carry some weight–but alas, not so. I recall some years ago on public television when a scientist was asked about Sheldrake”s research, and after having been shown extensive footage like this, he summarily dismissed it as “patently absurd.” Evidence and replicability didn’t matter; his pre-existing reality tunnel wouldn’t allow for such a possibility.

  2. as I have said before
    You are defining “psychic” as an “extra” ability, but in animals it isn’t an extra. Humans, I believe, also used to have more psychic abilities when we were more in tune with Nature. And just like humans NOW, dogs’ supposed “extra” abilities are greater in some and low in others based on environment and breeding. Dogs do not have a sense of time but they do get used to when they expect their owners home. We as humans are used to reading clocks. Do this experiment if you want to know what a dog feels like when you are coming home: Turn off or block out all the clocks in your view including your cell phone for a week. Every time your partner/roommate/whomever comes home you won’t know what time it is when they are supposed to arrive, but you will get used to them getting home at a certain time and “sense” when they approach. Don’t think it will work? When I was a kid growing up I was able to sense when my mom was coming home. I could sense when she was driving into our development and soon could sense when she was about to pull in the driveway. I didn’t have a cell phone (this was a day and age where kids did not need to have cell phones) and I didn’t have a clock in my kitchen where I hung out and made dinner waiting for her to get home (didn’t have a TV in there, no clock on stove either. I had a watch but I usually took it off when I got home). Maybe this is what the dogs are experiencing, since they can’t read clocks.

    However, they may understand “what time looks like.” So if the human gets home at 6pm, they might look at a clock and remember that when the hands look like a straight line my human is coming home. Or when the digital numbers have that shape. I personally just think humans take for granted how well dogs can hear. They can hear things thousands of times more amplified than a human, so what’s stopping them from HEARING their humans coming home?

    1. A photographer friend of mine
      A photographer friend of mine told me about a dog his mother had – the bond between the two was extraordinary, and the dog was highly sensitive and intelligent. One night while his mother was away visiting a friend the dog very suddenly became inexplicably and uncharacteristically agitated – so much so that they thought it might be having a seizure though the dog had never previously shown any signs of that or of any other illness. About ten minutes later the phone rang and he learned that his mother had been in a serious car wreck and was on the way to the hospital. This accident happened about 20 miles away – I doubt that a single decibel of her distress ever came even close to reaching the dog’s hearing. His mother recovered from the accident after a long convalescence. Her dog never ever again exhibited that behavior nor was his mother ever again involved in an accident of that magnitude.
      There are tons of stories like this about pets and their owners often separated by hundreds of miles but apparently separated by nothing at all on this level of existence. There is nothing surprising about this – we already know that humans can be psychic – it follows then that animals can be psychic too. I just happen to be reading Kewaunee Lapseritis’s new book about psychic sasquatches who have extraordinarily developed abilities.


      1. connection
        I believe dogs and even other animals we keep as companion develop a sort of “psychic” or energy connection with us, a sort of invisible thread that when jostled can cause them to sense the connection has been broken or damaged. I believe it is less “psychic” by how we humans define it and more to do with our chakras. People can do it to. I have a very close friendship with one of my professors from college. During my last semester in the middle of March, he didn’t show up for class and it was canceled. i remember feeling a sick sensation all day and a form of panic attack and I never had that before. I began getting depressed to the point of crying and nothing in my life was so awful to cause this. But I had to know why. So I emailed him. Apparently I wasn’t the only one concerned since others emailed him and he sent out an email to the class were he was very hurried and stressed I could tell. It wasn’t until the following class nearly a week later I got an answer. I arrived early and so did he, we were the only two people in the class. Usually he comes in after all the other students arrive because he liked to have a smoke outside, but today he came in right after me. We talked, and before anyone else in the class found out I did. “Well, you are a friend so I will tell you…” and then he told me his mom had a minor stroke and had fell on the floor in her kitchen. If his brother didn’t find her she would have been dead. Now for the longest time I often wondered if I sensed it. I never met his mother or family. However last Christmas I felt that terrible feeling again only to find out in mid-January that the same brother who found their mom on the floor had died of mysterious causes! I must have sensed his pain again. He is only 2 years older that his fallen brother, but his mom is still alive, I think she is 94. This friend of mine means a lot to me, if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t be interested in the world I am into now and may not even have found TDG or the research of the “other side” that lead me here.

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