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The Khufu Cartouche, Before and After

Vandalism in the Great Pyramid: The Focus Shifts to Zahi Hawass

Late last year we reported on a case of alleged vandalism in the Great Pyramid of Giza. According to reports, two German researchers investigating the age of the famous monument chipped some of the red paint off the only royal cartouche to be found anywhere within the pyramid. As a consequence of the alleged vandalism, six Egyptians were jailed in February for their role in allowing the vandalism to take place.

But according to Egypt researcher Robert Bauval, there is evidence that clearly shows that the samples of paint that are now missing from the cartouche disappeared sometime between 2004 and 2006, when Zahi Hawass, the former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, was in charge of the Giza Plateau. The evidence is in the form of photos taken by another researcher of ancient Egypt, geologist Robert Schoch (see image at the top of this post):

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the ex-minister of Antiquities, gave an interview to Masry El Youm on the 10th December 2013 in which he accused the Germans of stealing the Cartouche of Khufu and demanding that they and the 6 Egyptians who allegedly assisted them be severely punished. Hawass also accused the new Minister of Antiquities of being responsible for this crime. But a week later, on the 17 December 2013, inspectors of antiquities investigated the Relief Chamber in the Great Pyramid and found that the Cartouche was still there, although some paint sample had been scrapped off. This can be clearly seen from the three white marks on the top left part of the Cartouche. The inspectors presented official photographs of the Cartouche to the Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim (see photo. 1).

In March 2014 the author Robert Bauval and professor Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University provided official photographs from 2006 to the Minister of Antiquities, Mohammad Ibrahim, showing that the Cartouche was exactly the same as in the photographs of December 2013 supplied by the Inspectors. Dr. Schoch also provided another official photograph taken in 2004 showing that the Cartouche was untouched. These official photographs prove conclusively that the sample of paint from the Cartouche was taken between 2004 and 2006, when Dr. Zahi Hawass was responsible for the Giza Pyramids. There is also official photographic and video evidence that Dr. Hawass inspected the Cartouche several times after 2006 but omitted to report the crime.

Although a new investigation has been approved by the Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim on the 27 March 2014, no action has been taken so far, and the 6 innocent Egyptians remain in jail. It is hope that a new investigation will be carried out as soon as possible so that the truth about the Cartouche is confirmed and that these innocent men be freed.

I’m not sure that this new evidence completely exonerates those involved – after all, the two German researchers still really shouldn’t have been allowed to do what they did – but this evidence certainly does seem to shift responsibility when it comes to the specific accusation of damage to the Khufu cartouche. I actually noted in my original post that the Germans seemed to be chipping away at a distance from the cartouche, so this new evidence confirms my thoughts.

So who took the paint from the Khufu cartouche?

Link: The Scandal Of The Cartouche Of Khufu In The Great Pyramid: The Truth


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