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Alex Honnold on 'The Shining Path'

Alex Honnold Free-Solos 2500ft of ‘The Shining Path’

At 28, Californian Alex Honnold is already a legend in the field of rock climbing, having set a number of speed records. He is also famous for his ‘free-soloing’ (that is, climbing without a rope or safety) of a number of extremely large and difficult climbs. He recently took on perhaps the most difficult free-solo ever attempted, El Sendero Luminoso (‘The Shining Path’) in El Potrero Chico, Mexico, and film of the climb has been posted to YouTube (embedded below):

Hot tip: Full-screen, and remember to breath as you watch it. As one of commenter noted, if it all gets too much, tip your monitor upside down and pretend he’s crawling along the ground.

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