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Occult New Hampshire: Lovecraft, Crowley, Betty and Barney Hill and Mysterious Megaliths

A few months ago I posted a Fortean video travelogue by Bill and Kyle of Mandate33 that explored Point Pleasant and the Mothman mythos. Well, the pair have continued their travels into the strange-lands and have now posted a new video about New Hampshire, which touches on everything from Crowley and Lovecraft to Betty and Barney Hill and a strange megalithic site:

The Hills were abducted on September 19th, 1961 after viewing a UFO near Mount Cannon off route 3 (currently exit 33 off interstate 93) – only miles from the site of a magickal retreat by Aleister Crowley in the summer of 1916, which culminated in his 1918 summoning of LAM, the archetypal ‘grey’- and north of a strange megalithic site, also on interstate 93, called Mystery Hill, very possibly the site of a millenia-old colony of Carthaginian apostates.

That brings us to Mount Shaw in Ossippee – also a few miles off the infamous exit 33 – reportedly connected to Mystery Hill, and a summit that Crowley is rumored to have been interested in…specifically its mysterious, and lost, sacrificial table. Completing the circuit: HP Lovecraft may have made a visit to this site in the summer of 1928, before writing his seminal stories The Dunwich Horror and Whisperer in Darkness.

We interview Christopher Ernst regarding the popular fascination with UFO abductions, what that means, and how that relates to megalithic sites, before investigating ourselves – arriving at the now infamous HP Lovecraft convention in Providence this past August.


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