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In a few months time, The Daily Grail will have been running for 15 years. That’s a long time for any organisation, let alone a website. I’m proud of what we’ve done here, amazed at the friends I’ve made and the community we’ve developed. But 15 years is a long time to be doing something, especially when it requires very long hours for basically no reward. In that time I’ve been married and had three kids, and in recent years my work on the Grail has inconvenienced my family in many ways, from lack of time to lack of money. It’s not fair on them to continue in this manner. So, change is required.

I need to either make this website self-sustaining by running it more professionally, or I need to get out and do something else. I would prefer the former, no doubt. But I need your help to do it – I need some seed funding through which I can redesign the website, pay writers for regular content, and promote TDG around the internet.

I can’t ask you to pay for something you can’t see yet, but I can ask you to perhaps chip in some money for the daily news and articles we’ve presented over recent years. Does The Daily Grail help you out, educate or entertain you, or otherwise add something to you life? Is it worth something to you, or would you not care either way if it disappeared from the web? I would welcome any amount you see fit to contribute, because this is a tipping point in the future of the Grail.

I’ve set up a PayPal button through which you can pay a retrospective subscription to TDG for everything you’ve read in recent years – you can choose your own value. But in order to make it a little more attractive, I’ll also be attaching some rewards (yet to be determined) to individual subscription levels as thanks for your support. You can help keep TDG running via this button:

Select a subscription

(BTW I’d appreciate feedback on how the button works – PayPal removed my ability to use the ‘Donate’ button as I wasn’t a non-profit organisation, and I can’t test this button myself as the account holder. You can email me via greg – at – dailygrail.com)

I also appreciate any feedback or suggestions for how the site can evolve to help serve readers better – this site has always been about the community of free-thinkers who read it regularly, and I hope we can continue on into the future. I of course also welcome any discussion of ways of making it work as a business. You can either email me via the address above, or put in your two cents in the comments below.

My thanks and appreciation to you for your support!