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Stopping Sylvia Browne

Yesterday, three women escaped from a house where they say they were held captive for a decade. One of those women was Amanda Berry, whose mother, Louwana Miller, was told by ‘psychic’ Sylvia Browne in 2004 – a year after her disappearance – that she was dead:

Miller: Can you tell me if they’ll ever find her? Is she out there?

Browne: She’s–see, I hate this when they’re in water. I just hate this. She’s not alive, honey. And I’ll tell you why, here we go again. Your daughter was not the type that would not have called you… I’m sorry they didn’t find the jacket. I’m sorry they didn’t find, because that had DNA on it.

Louwana Miller died in 2006, without having full closure on the case of her missing daughter – though news reports from that time indicate that Sylvia Browne’s comments ended her hopes that Amanda might be found alive. “She was never the same” from that point on, said one person that knew her.

This is not the first time that Sylvia Browne has been horribly wrong about a missing person. In 2007 Shawn Hornbeck was found alive, after Browne had previously told his parents that he was dead. In 1999 she told a missing girl’s grandmother that she had been kidnapped and put into slavery in Japan, but four years later her body was found in the U.S. – investigators found that she had been killed shortly after her abduction. The list of terrible gaffes goes on.

I’m not an easy person to anger, but this list of cases gets my blood boiling, and here’s why: the incorrect calls I could live with, if it was offered privately just as a “I’ve got a feeling, but I could well be wrong”. But to go on TV, and tell these people outright the fate of their children in public – sometimes even rebuking them when they throw doubt on what you’re saying – is just wrong on so many levels. Perhaps some readers of this blog are Browne fans; I can’t apologise for my opinion. If there’s one skill I have, it’s being able to pick a person’s character very quickly, and Browne has always sent a shiver up my spine (for all the wrong reasons). The growing list of cases where she hurt families with misinformation only confirms my gut feeling.

And if you are someone who thinks there might be something to psychic powers or mediumship, there’s a further reason to dislike Browne. Her ineptitude and callous attitude throws the entire field into disrepute, even though there are some indications that ‘something’ might be going on that is worthy of scientific investigation. While this woman has (somehow!) made a fortune peddling her nonsense, scientific researchers struggle for funds to research aspects of mediumship properly.

There could well be something to mediumship. Heck, Sylvia Browne may even have some minor psychic powers, who knows? But no medium has ever been shown to be right 100% of the time, and so anything that comes from them should always be taken with a grain of salt. Certainly not told flatly to the parents of missing children on popular TV shows. Browne’s track record now offers ample evidence that if she has any psychic talents, they are buried deep and rarely show themselves amongst a farrago of incorrect and harmful statements.

Stop Sylvia Browne. Don’t buy her books, watch any TV shows she is on, or reward her in any way for what she does. Enough is enough.

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  1. Browne is played up by the
    Browne is played up by the mass media precisely because she is such a fraud, and to reiterate for the umpteenth time, the corporatocracy does not want the spark of supernormal powers to be cultivated within the the general population. Such things threaten the police/slave state paradise wet dream.

  2. There are those well
    There are those well intentioned folks who either have or believe they have pyschic abilities, and then there are the sociopaths who perpetuate fraud and suffering for personal gain…

  3. Sylvia Browne
    And if you are someone who thinks there might be something to psychic powers or mediumship, there’s a further reason to dislike Browne. Her ineptitude and callous attitude throws the entire field into disrepute…

    I’m one of the people who thinks there might be something to psychic powers/mediumship. I’ve had a handful of interesting experiences which keep me from being able to close the door on such things. However, at least for me, such experiences are VERY spontaneous and come and go on their own.

    Anyway, her hubris and dismissive attitude toward OTHER PEOPLE’S INTUITION is rather odd, considering how highly she esteems her own. It is a shame that people plug her so happily. For instance, afterlife researcher Michael Tymn gave her this gushing five-star review on Amazon for her book “Life on the Other Side”:

    Granted, in a later comment (11 years later) he states that he is “not a big fan of SB.” This is just a single example of how people can fall into the trap of supporting an individual when one seeks to attempt to support a particular phenomena or worldview.

    1. Dismissive attitude of other people’s intuition
      Reminds me of Billy Meier, and how he is adamant to claim he’s the ONLY person in contact with extraterrestrials, and others are just impostors –the kettle telling the pot…

      1. I am completely convinced of
        I am completely convinced of the reality of paranormal abilities. However, one rarely sees Lisa Caputo, Amy Allen, Kim Russo et al in the mass media news. They do have large audience shows on The Biography Channel and such, so they get plenty of airtime that way, but they rarely get taken up by the talking heads because the talking heads are by and large hired to obstruct and denigrate such abilities or to look at them so superficially as to be a mockery. The mainstream network news shows are being left behind anyway, so it is nothing I get very worked up about anymore. Most everyone I know does not watch with any seriousness the network news anymore.

  4. how the world sees most psychics:
    I actually believe in what we have termed “psychic” abilities. However I hate calling them that because I think that word is too often associated with people like John Edwards and Sylvia Browne. The extra sense, of what we refer to as psychic or any ability to see beyond average human limits, is a leftover from a time when humans were more animal. It exists in all of our DNA, it’s just that some of our genetics are more tuned towards having this sense exposed, just as some people have the ability to super taste food. Back when humans were a less “evolved” animal, the power of intuition or foresight was needed to detect predators and prey more readily. Today, we have cell phones…and TV’s…and jumbo-trons 😛

    My point is that “psychic” powers do exist and exist in all of us, but they are often suppressed or ignored, or misjudged by our peers. My experiences make me a believer, I don’t need Sylvia telling me that. All this said I think she is just a terrible being for playing with people’s lives and I’ll be interested to see if she flees the country.

    More than her though, I hate that pet psychic Animal Planet used to push years ago, Sonya Fitzpatrick! I’m sorry, but comforting people after their pet died is one thing, but giving veterinary advice IS NOT her job. Example: a zookeeper wanted to know why his crocodiles weren’t eating after he switched their food from the more expensive red meat to chicken to save money. GUESS YOU DUMB FUCK!!! That’s like forcing McDonald’s down Donald Trump’s throat! And my problem is Sonya is giving a BS story about the crocs feeling sad about not getting the red meat. C’mon. Trust me, the crocs don’t give a fuck what you feed them, they swallow it whole they don’t even taste it much on the way down. Maybe go to vet…not Sonya!

  5. Once Upon A Time…and then Ego set in
    I believe Sylvia once had a gift! Loved her early books but her book that trashed Jesus, the disciples and Christianity is the day she lost her gift! God took it all away from her since her own EGO set in! btw, my best friend had a $400 reading from her son…nothing came true! again God took away the gifts and her granddaughter does not have the gift either! sylvia is jewish! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Listen to John Edward! He incorporates mother mary, Chrisatianity and so forth! He’s catholic! Sylvia and her family have become egotistical and GOD has taken away from them…end of their story! What Sylvia states about ego she and her family have become! DONE like dinner!

    1. no psychic is GOd to charge
      no psychic is GOd to charge more money than a lawyer defending children against sexual abuses etc……………..these pyshcics are story tellers not accurate and not doing justice the way mother theresa gave to this world or soldiers who fight for their freedoms to allow these people to practice their so called psychic! Princess Di would have spoken her mind not as per sylvia’s book stating “she had nothing to say about her death”…sylvia has no gift!!!!!!!! God took it away from her…Sylvia let her ego in!

      1. did mother theresa charge
        did mother theresa charge $700/half hour to give up her life and sacrifice to save the world as she could??? what benefits do these psychics have? sylvia has fake nails…sylvia started a cult freligion…and dammit i’m kind of pissed off at john edwards now too when i think about the insane prices! not impressed!

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