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Kickstarter: The Silver Cord

For lovers of comics, spirituality and technology (which is probably all of you out there!), here’s a Kickstarter project that looks like a worthwhile cause: The Silver Cord:

Since the beginning of time, the world of humans and the world of angels have run parallel but apart, connected only by a single tunnel of light.

Humans know the tunnel as the passageway that lifts their souls after death. Angels know it as the Birthing Ring: the tunnel that delivers souls into the tiny bodies of newborn babies.

But the recent discovery of quantum computing has disrupted this age-old balance. As scientists perfect this technology in tiny “Q-chips,” they are inadvertently opening a second passage between the world of humans and the world of angelic species. But unlike the first passageway, this new portal is forming deep in territory controlled by dark sinister angels.

Any day now, scientists will install this new quantum-powered chip into a robot so smart, so life-like, so close to human consciousness, that just like a human baby, it too will require a soul.

Unbeknownst to the scientists, the exact moment the quantum robot is switched on, the new portal will open and allow the darkest of all angels to rush down and become the robot’s missing soul. This ensouled robot will be the first of many. An unstable force of possessed robots, until…

A confused teenager discovers that she’s the only one who can stop dark souls from penetrating the human realm.

With a creative team comprised of some heavy-hitters in the tech and design industries (Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic, Wired etc), this is a high quality product exploring some fascinating subjects. But there’s no need to guess at the quality level – because Part 1 of the series is already complete, and available absolutely free (PDF or CBZ download) from the Silver Cord website. And if you need more information, here’s the Kickstarter promotional video.

With just over two days left, the Kickstarter campaign is still about $10,000 short of its goal. So if you’re interested, help fund the project, and spread word to friends before the deadline.

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